11 Websites that pay Writers $100 and more

Are you a writer? Are you struggling with cold pitching for jobs in various websites without success?

Below I have listed some of the best websites where you can easily pitch and even write articles for them at high rates.

Each website covers different topics, and you can choose one based on your field of expertise and interests.


1. BMichellePippin

Topics you can write about

Time, profit and business tips that help female entrepreneurs boost their income, influence and impact their business.

Payment per post

You will be paid $50 to $150 through PayPal.

2. Freedom with Writing

Topics you can write about

How-to articles, writing, sites that pay writers, case studies, essays etc.

Payment per post

As a writer, you will be paid between $30 to $150 per post.

3. GoDaddy Garage

Topics you can write about

a) Website; web development, web design, working with clients, WordPress etc.

b) Entrepreneurship; generation, implementation, growth and marketing of ideas.

Payment per post

The pay per article is $100 or more.

4. RankPay

Topics you can write about

SEO, content marketing, social media tips, news and strategies etc.

Payment per post

You will be paid $50 for each original article they publish.

More details,

The article must contain at least 1000 words.

High-quality content and unique content is required.

RankPay accepts content from native English speakers only.

5. CopyHackers


Pay per click (PPC), copywriting, email marketing, conversions, writing blog posts that get freelancers hired, google analytics and other online business tools, product design, etc.

Payment per post

Copyhackers pay $325 for every accepted, completed post.

Further information,

Copyhackers are very strict when it comes to choosing the post they will publish. They usually accept 1 in 50 pitches and publish one of them. Which means you must write an excellent post that will rank highly in search engines.

Your post must contain more than 2000 words.

Your post must be well researched, make sure that the post contains less than 50% of your opinion.

Make sure your headline is appropriate; otherwise, your post will not be published.

6. ElegantThemes


Case studies, tutorials (WordPress and Divi), in-depth guides, evidence-based opinion spaces, web design etc.


The payment per published article is $250 via PayPal.

More information on Elegant Themes

Use the appropriate image size, 1080px by 608px, and you must own them.

Each post should contain 1000 to 1500 words. It is not mandatory as you can write an article with a higher word count.

Original content without any plagiarism is paramount while writing your articles.

7. Writers Weekly


Marketing secrets, feature articles, backstories


You will be paid $60 for each published article via PayPal.

More information

Your post should contain about 600 words for both marketing secrets and feature articles.

Avoid how-to articles, and other familiar topics such as networking, SEO, negotiating rates, selling rewritten reprints.

8. Writing Revolt


Freelancing, how to write a case study, copywriting tips, side hustles, niche-specific freelance writing tutorials, etc.


They pay $100 per published post.

More information on writing revolt

Your article should have between 1000 and 2000 words.

They are only interested in individual guest posts and not companies.

You must share the posts as soon as they are published in your social media accounts.

9. IncomeDiary


Blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), entrepreneurship and success mindset, affiliate marketing, making money online from websites, blogs & forums, driving traffic to websites, etc.


For every worth article, the payment is $200+.

10. FreelanceMom


Making money, marketing, freelancing, productivity, touching stories etc.


Freelancemom pays $75 to $100 via PayPal for every published article.

Every month, if your article is the most shared, you will earn $150 as a bonus.

Further information,

Guest posts should have 900 to 1500 words.

Your articles should be original with no any kind of plagiarism

Freelancemom is not limited to women only; men may write for them.

11. Funds for Writers


Earning a living as a writer


For original content, you will be paid $50 per article and $15 for reprints. All payments are made via PayPal.

Further information

Avoid writing how-to articles, topics that relate to how you can make money as a writer.

Avoid exceeding word count since it may result in your article being rejected.

Avoid plagiarism

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