5 Billion Sales review- All you should know

If you’ve ever earned money online, then you definitely know nothing comes easy. That’s why I was surprised when I heard that 5 Billion Sales is planning to pay folks to do absolutely nothing. So, I went through several 5 Billion Sales reviews to try and see if there’s a catch.

There weren’t many of them that made me write to help someone who may want to know more about the company.

This review post covers everything you need to know about 5 Billion Sales, including whether it is legit or a scam, how it works, worthy of joining or not, and more.

What is 5 Billion Sales?

5 Billion Sales, found online at 5billionsales.com, is a free online platform that claims to give users a chance to make money online. It’s not just a few dollars; they promise a share of $500 billion commission to their members.

The idea behind the high commission is based on their statement on its website that they’ve monetized various internet activities that five billion people across the world do every day. Through this strategy, 5 Billion Sales has promised each member using their platform $400 and an additional $100 whether they invite someone else.

The earning figures are very high to the point that you’re likely to doubt their model. At least with data monetizing platforms like the Tapestri app, a realistic business model can be seen.

How it works

Joining 5 Billion Sales is free at least for the pre-launch period. You immediately get a back office where you’ll manage your network. Yes, for the program to run, they’ll need more users, and that’s why they’re trying to attract as many people as possible.

The registration process requires just the basic details such as email address, username, sponsor ID, etc. You can also opt to join via Facebook or Google.

After joining, you’ll get a referral ID that you can use to invite others to join the platform.

The people invited directly are placed on level one. When the direct referrals invite others, the invited persons will account for the Level 2 downlines. This chain continues to Level 16, which is the last level.

Since 5 Billion Sales isn’t launched yet, they’ve not given out the services they’ll be offering. According to their website, the reason behind this is to prevent copycats who may take their idea and implement it.

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How will you earn?

Although the methods of earning will be clear after its launch, 5 Billion Sales has listed some of the ways its members will make money. It majorly revolves around the referral program, which is MLM structured.

The platform pays you for both using it and inviting other people. There are two services, both with commissions and overrides.

Service 1

It has a total of 5 billion available commissions to be shared.

For each user you refer, you get paid a commission worth $100. This is repeated after every 12 months. Ideally, if you’ve 15 direct downlines, that’s $1500 every year.

For all the other downlines in your 16-level network, the payment is referred to as override. It’s a constant $5 override per indirect referral. This is also paid after every 12 months.

Service 2

Service 2 has $1B available commissions for all the members. The money is purported to be generated from profit share from activities such as affiliate programs, sales platforms, membership programs, and more.

how to earn with 5 billion sales
Source: 5BillionSales.com

The first commission is $10 for each client in the service. Another recurring profit share commission between $200 and $1000 is also earned in this service.

As for overrides, for each client, you get $1 and a recurring profit share override between $10 and $50.

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Scam or legit

Based on the current information, there is no way of concluding if 5 Billion Sales is legit or a scam. However, the high payouts might act as a red flag since they’ve not clearly defined how the company will generate enough revenue to pay all its members’ such amounts. Not forgetting the owner or people behind the company are unknown.

The Multi-Level-Marketing structure of the company also raises doubts about its legitimacy. This is given that they have not given any product or service being offered, which raises the question if 5 Billion Sales is a pyramidal scheme? I currently don’t trust their model due to its unrealistic returns.

You may watch this video to understand more about 5 Billion Sales. Use it to gather more information as it might be biased;

Is it worth joining?

Joining 5 Billion Sales or other make-money platforms is usually a personal choice. Some of the factors considered include investment required in terms of money and time, ways of earning, legitimacy of the company, and more.

Since the site is free during its pre-launch, there’s no harm in joining 5 Billion Sales if you trust them.

The key thing to consider is the time since you might waste a lot of time inviting people, and then they end up scamming people. On the other hand, if it turns out to be legit, you’ll have lost a golden opportunity.

Since there are other already paying opportunities such as Vindale Research jobs, there’s no need to waste much time with 5 Billion Sales which you aren’t sure if it’s legit.

Perhaps one benefit of 5 Billion Sales is its availability to everybody across the world. The scarcity of online jobs in some countries attracts more people to join the company. However, some programs such as Surveytime pays people to answer surveys, and it’s also available worldwide.

After quite some feedback from our users we understood there was a need for more secure options, in the meantime we would advice to stay away from 5 Billion Sales.

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49 thoughts on “5 Billion Sales review- All you should know

  1. Actually, I am have registered on 5 billion sales and referred others but some how I am discouraged. Thanks for your information.

    1. my question has been how do earn to pay others.$20 n more.i hope its real?
      Go here to read reviews:

  2. Have registered on 5 billions sales already, but am somehow doubting the platform interns of paying it’s member randomly, I actually wants us to consider few things on this platform 5 billions sales,
    1.) it’s a most you referred others, not just to referred them but they should also be building their downline, I want us to considered this factor that people you want to referred to a platform must have evidently see the proveb on you practically that sure this platform is real and legit.
    2.) The issue of payment, why would they pay their users until twelve calendar month, does that sound reasonable at all, not even weekly or monthly as usual, common it doesn’t sound edible to me.

    1. not saying it’s legit but (2) 12 months may give them enough time to generate the sales of your product or service.

    1. Every opportunity has its own methodof payment. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc. As such let 5Billion sales do what is sound for them to ensure that they generate enough profit and be able to get some to return to their members

  3. The platform is already live with extensive content where people who want to sign up can find all the information about how it works. They also have a Facebook and Telegran account. Registration is free, so it shows that you are trustworthy.


  4. they clearly explan how the system work,idon’t
    know if is a scam, i just do what they ask and wait at the time they promise to pay,
    you can join and try it too

  5. Is it sure not false I will be paid?? Just asking !! (because am already rigestered ) after a limited time given??

  6. I recently joined the company and referred other people. I’m glad because I have nothing to lose since it’s a free online system. I’m looking forward to see if they will pay us on the date they promised

    1. Yes,u are right Zama what is good in this whole concept no one is loosing even single penny But if u get what they are committing is a big amount against devoted time of members

      1. I find it funny when I see people saying they have nothing to loose. You guys seem to have forgotten the popular saying “time is money”.
        You put in your time and energy to refer people, and you say you have nothing to lose?

        If getting referrals and dowliners were easy, no one would pay you for it.

        1. You’re absolutely right Praiz!
          Time is money.
          Yet, most people are more comfortable losing time then losing money/physical resources.
          Maybe I could make a blogpost about this – what’s a reasonable amount of time to try out online earning tools?
          The trick of most companies is to make the gig look easy, which in turn motivates people to start.

          But the point here is to discover something that works out for you.
          There are tons of ways to use your time and energy online and we love testing them.
          …Any online earning model/ tool you’d like us to try out and discuss?
          Let me know!


    2. You will lose your time I am a member since 3-3 months and before my first payment they blocked my account…don’t waste your time

  7. I am in a leader position in 5billionsales. And all I can say is that there is money to be made by everyone in data. Data business is a game changer. Tapespri is already paying also instant recall and 5billionsales will not be an exception in terms of payment. In fact, August 25th has been fixed for payment for SDI and after that monthly payment commences.

    1. What will be required for the payment?
      And must you have downline before you can get paid?
      I just registered newly. But getting people is difficult because they don’t believe it.
      O7059134232 that’s my phone number

      1. Those who don’t believe it just leave them, don’t try to convince them. This system is absolutely free so you have nothing to loose here. its either they take it or leave it. You will get paid by selling your data even if you don’t have downline

        1. I just join newly this month May 9
          I just pray it is real, because most people I referred to are asking me questions if anyone as cash out before and I say yes to them.
          5billionsales…hope is real.

      2. It’s not a must that you refer so as to earn, just activating your account and validating it every day will earn you the SDI and VBonus money. If you start referring, you create another income inlet of $100 per every person you refer.

    2. Yes . no time lost if you just browse the internet for nothing.here, you will be paid clicking their ads and promoting your link( by buying an ad you get profit share also in guaranteed sales).So it’s all win-win here.No membership fees. try joining here : https://5billionsales.com/affiliate/bitcoinhunter67

    1. As to my understanding You wont lose nothing because you disnt put in nothing. Tou cant just sign up and think you’re getting paid. Lol good one. But if you invest in it you’ll get toure money back in 10 fold. The best thing you can do for yourself is to jump on board. Paying such little for a life worth of comfort.

  8. Anyhow the thing goes I won’t be bothered.
    I’ll wait and see it’s a free stuff at the moment

    1. There are some points you guys are missing. I was also disappointed the this blodger didn’t comment about these points.
      1) Can browsing data be converted into Cash? How will the process be?
      2) How safe is the data we are selling? Don’t you think someone is somewhere checking our transactions online and using them for their own selfish interests.
      3) 5 Billions sales talked about GUARANTEE SALES, which they want over 30% of $155,000 profits generated. In their advert they said the 30% will be paid after sales but when one try to join, they won’t allow you unless you pay the money upfront.
      4) Why’s the owners hiding their faces?
      I think if they are real they won’t be hiding their faces.

    1. I have so far joined. A person I trust sent me a link. I would not have bothered to register but for free registration. Logically, the company can make the money it promises to pay, because there will be a lot of traffic on their website across all internet platforms. I have seen lots of referrals linking to other websites. Already that is money. However, registration is tiresome. As your said, it will be quite arbsud if they pay and one misses the golden opportunity. It will also be hurting for people to invest in their time and the company fails them. But let’s hope for the best 🤠🤠🤠

      1. You could be wasting your time. They flag your account just a few days before payday. They did that to mine.

  9. I’ve joined 2 days ago, i will give it try because there is nothing to lose. If anyone need refer you can set mine: vortex432hz
    You will help me a lot and you dont lose anything, you need it refer if you want to join, so help me. Thanks.

  10. Infact that has also been my concerned because a lot of online business, when it’s time for withrawal one will be ask to introduce people before they can have withrawal.

    1. Good point Donald.
      Always make sure to read what the withdrawal requirements are before starting!

      Cheers, Henri

  11. I hope this platform is real and legitimate like premise online job. Because l have already downloaded it and going through the registration process. If it is not scam and real l am willing to invite many of my friends on the platform. That will make us to generate income from our data we burn on the internet with no profit in return. I hope their platform have Mobile money transfer or bank transfer included in their payment Methods.


    Trokon from Liberia west


    1. Hey Trokon,
      Sorry for the late reply!
      Golden rule is ADYDD: Always Do Your Due Diligence!
      Feel free to share your experience with us 🙂

      Cheers, Henri

  12. Its real and legit and I have seen my upline withdraw via guarantee sales and as well sell data income withdrawal will start by 25th august after which withdrawal will be monthly. What are you waiting for . join 5billionsales via the link below now

  13. Now that a year has passed and on the 25th of August is closedby and they have started to close account and saying some people are creating fact account and even if you passed KYC you going to repeat the KYC again because of that i cant longIn even with Google

    i only one Account and am not alone most people are starting to noticing how these people have lied to them

  14. 5 billion is a scam You will lose your time I am a member since 3-3 months and before my first payment they blocked my account…don’t waste your time

  15. Hello
    5Billionsales is absolutely scam
    after about 8 month I tried to login angain but they put stupid rules for login that never lets you login again.
    When I entered login info they asked me to fill KYC befor loging in my profile and since I entered some incorrect alphabets, the website locked my profile (they just give you 5 minutes to fill the form before login which is another scam way). If they were legit, then they should let you in to prepare kyc. Since they did not want to pay your monthly sell data money after month, they decided to use this annoying trick.

    No one should register again this website and put your data at risk.

  16. dear sir,
    a few minutes ago they blocked my account. the reason is unrealistic. after nearly 4 months they wanted to
    check wheather i can recollect all my registration informations, i have given the right informations, but they
    are claiming i have given wrong info. without giving me another chance, they blocked my account. for your
    kind knowledge, i was supposed to receive my sell data payments on 25th aug. 2022.the amount might not be below $160.
    it is your choice you can wait to receive the same treatment.

  17. This site is a total scam! Now that payment for sell-data is due this month, they have started blocking people for no reasonable reason. For example, they will tell you to verify your information and when you do, they will tell you that your information does not match with what they have in the system, then you’re blocked right away. Who does that? Rigid sites will always give you chance to verify by a code through your phone or email, or even help you when you have forgotten your password. This is a scam! They are not able to pay all the people who have registered.

  18. I have worked for 5BillionSales since March 2022 and have built a downline of 300 partners. It went well. The first payouts should be made on August 25, 2022.
    In mid-July 2022 it was announced that scams would be removed from the structure. That sounded like a serious act. My entire downline was deleted and all of my partner’s accounts were blocked. There was none left. I would be banned too.
    My sponsor hasn’t contacted me since then either.
    5BillionSales is Scam. Sad but true.

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