Abasco Investment review (2022)- Scam or Legit

Abasco Investment is the latest investment company operating worldwide by offering high returns to its investors after a short period. The company is available to everyone across the world provided they have a bitcoin or Ethereum wallet. This review will help you understand how Abasco works, whether it’s a scam or legitimate, as well as an analysis of all features.

I decided to join the platform to ensure that all the information in this post is unbiased. I hope that you’ll easily make an informed decision by the time you finish reading.

How Abasco Investment Works

According to its website, Abasco Investment engages in forex trading, cryptocurrency investment, architecture, construction field, manufacturing, and more income-generating business. It’s through these methods it affords to give high returns to its investors.

The platform has different investment plans where members can invest and get returns within seven days. There’s also an affiliate program where members earn a commission by inviting other members to join Abasco. Let’s take a look at each of these ways that members can earn with Abasco Investment.

Investment Plans

Abasco has three investment plans from which its users can invest according to their financial capabilities. High investment packages have high returns compared to the lower ones. Below is a description of each investment plan;

Bronze Plan

This plan has a minimum and maximum investment of $200 and $4,999, respectively. The investment takes seven days before it matures, with a daily return of 4.7%. The total profit after maturity is 32.9% of the initial investment.

For instance, invest the lowest amount, $200; you would expect $65.8 as interest gained, giving you a total of $265.8. On the other, if you invest the maximum limit in this plan, you will get about $1,644.67 as profit after 7 days. That’s a high ROI which leaves you with more questions about the company’s legitimacy.

Silver Plan

Silver Plan also has 7 days maturity duration with a daily return on investment of 5.8%. The minimum investment in this plan is $5000, which is only one dollar high than the maximum investment of the bronze package. Since the seven days interest rate is 40.6%, you would expect to turn a profit of $2,030 after investing $5,000. On the other hand, the highest investment ($9,999) will give you a profit of about $4,059.

Gold Plan

With a 7.9% daily ROI, the Gold plan gives Abasco investors the highest profit. It has a $10,000 minimum investment where you get a total of 55.3% ($5,530) interest rate after seven days. There is no limit to the maximum investment you can make in this plan.

As with all the other plans, the interest rates in the gold plan are extremely high, making you wonder where they get such an amount to pay the investors.

Affiliate Program

Abasco Investment members can refer other people and commission on the amount invested by their referrals. The commission rate is 10% across all the investment plans. It’s through the affiliate program that the company is becoming popular. The statistics on the Abasco website suggest that it has more than 6000 investors who have transacted over 5 billion dollars in about 58 countries. These statistics are from the site itself, and we cannot verify they’re true.

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If you’re interested in joining the platform, registration is free. You’re required to enter your name, email address, and password in the registration form.

Before you click the ‘Register’ button, you must agree to the terms and conditions. Interestingly, there is no page with the terms and conditions of Abasco Investment. This was one of the red flags that made doubt its legitimacy.

Abasco Investment registration

After registration, you can now access all the features of Abasco Investment by logging in to your account using the email address and password you registered. You’ll see different sections there, including the deposit tab, withdrawal, referrals, and the investment section.

About Withdrawals

The company states that all withdrawal requests are processed instantly and paid out to your blockchain network. You’re also free to withdraw anytime you wish.



  • They’ve got a great support team—the live chat on the website replies within a few minutes.
  • The platform offers you a chance to invest and earn interest even without referrals.


  • Abasco’s revenue model isn’t transparent. How exactly are they able to multiply the funds at more than 50% rates within seven days? How do they maintain the constant rates?
  • High investment rates without any losses raise red flags since it’s not normal for a business not to make losses.
  • The legitimacy of the business cannot be verified using the legal documents provided as they seem to be expired or fake. Also, there are discrepancies between the date the website started and when Abasco indicates it started its operation.
  • Lack of terms and conditions to agree to, warning from Quebec government questions its legitimacy.

Final Thoughts on Abasco Investment

Abasco Investment’s business model raises more questions than the answers it provides on the website. There haven’t been any cases of anyone getting scammed that we know of so far. However, this does not justify that it’s legitimate.

In any business, there are risks that one must take. The severity of the risk should help you make a better decision. I believe Abasco Investment is a high-risk type of investment. Therefore, my advice is you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

Watch the video below to understand about Abasco Investment.

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  1. I made a deposit of $200 with Abasco investment, it has matured to $100,000. I requested $30,000 that was 21-06-21 and up to date they have not approved it. Please any help for me to withdraw my investment.

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