ComexBull Review | Scam or Legit

Chances are you heard about ComexBull, and that’s why you’re going through ComexBull reviews to determine whether it’s a scam or legit platform.

Well, we have made things easier for you and compiled everything you need to know about the platform in this ComexBUll review.

What is ComexBull?

ComexBull, found at, is an investment platform that offers high interest to all its investors. It’s currently operating open to everyone across the world.

According to the ComexBull website, the company’s objective is to find different investment opportunities and then use the funds from the investors on the platform to complete agreements.

The revenue generated from the opportunities that Comex Bull invest in will be used to pay the users ROI and run the company.

How ComexBull work

Anyone who wants to join ComexBull must first complete the registration free. You’ll need a referral link from an existing member or by visiting the ComexBull website. The sign-up form has different details that you must enter, including your username, email address, password, and preferred payment method.

Comex Bull allows various payment methods such as PerfectMoney, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin and more. The registration will be complete even without the payment methods.

After registration, you can then log into your ComexBull account, where you’ll find various features highlighted on the site. The major feature being the Investment program.

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Investment Plans

Comexbull has various investment plans with varying returns over different periods. The plans are in such a way that higher returns are associated with large deposits. Yes, the interest rates are extremely high to such a point that ComexBull looks like HYIP.

Plan 1

The minimum and maximum investments in this plan are $10 and $10,000. There’s a 4% daily return on investment that will run for 40 days.

Investing the minimum amount in this plan will give you $16 profit plus investment after 40 days. On the other hand, maximum investment ($10,000) will earn you $16,000 profit for the same period as well the investment.

It means that you will be getting 160% returns on your investment. That’s is a very high interest which raises a red flag on ComexBull being an HYIP. This is based on Investopedia definition of HYIP as an investment scheme that offers extraordinarily returns over 100%. Other Comex Bull investment plans aren’t different; the only changes are the deposits, interest rates and periods.

Plan 2

In this plan, investors earn 5% daily returns for 40 days. The minimum investment is $10,001, which is supposed to make you a profit of $20,002, whereas the maximum investment ($20,000) gives you $40,000 profit. Generally, the profit expected on this plan is 200% after 40 days on any deposit amount.

Plan 3

There’s a 6% daily return on investment for 40 days on this plan. The minimum amount users can invest in this plan is $20,001, and the maximum investment is $30,000. Any amount invested in this range will give investors a total of 240% profit.

Plan 4

It’s a weekly investment that runs for six consecutive weeks. The weekly interest is 30% of the investment, where $100 is the minimum amount and $30,000 maximum. In total, the profit percentage in this plan is 180%. For example, investing $300 turns a $540 profit.

The plans listed above are just some of the packages you can invest in with ComexBull. There are majorly no changes in terms of extremely high returns. The only changes would be the return period, and the minimum and maximum allowed amount to invest.

Referral Program

Comexbull referral program is available for all users. As soon as you login into your account, there is a referral link that you can use to invite other people to join and invest in the platform.

The referral commission is distributed into three levels. At each level, users earn a certain percentage of what their referrals invest.

1st level has a 5% commission, 2nd level with 2% commission and 3rd level with 1% commission.

The referral is Probably to encourage more people to join Comex Bull. It’s a strategy used by many pyramidal programs and other HYIP platforms such as Abasco investment, which ended up scamming their investors.


ComexBull minimum withdrawals vary with the payment method. We haven’t seen anyone who has withdrawn from the platform, so that I wouldn’t trust them with my money.

Scam or Legit

Based on our research into the company’s business model, we can conclude that ComexBull is a scam with mouthwatering deals to entice more people to invest in the platform.

The business model where the company insinuate that it makes money through trading the invested amount doesn’t make sense. Trading may result in losses or profits, so the idea of Comex Bull offering on profits is questionable.

I don’t recommend ComexBull to anyone since it will eventually collapse as they entirely earn directly from the amount deposited by their investors.

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