Does onlyfans accept prepaid cards? I know this is the question on your mind.

Does onlyfans accept prepaid cards?

Well, this article helps answer the question ‘does onlyfans accept prepaid cards?’ Onlyfans as an online site does accept payment via prepaid cards.

Amid the pandemic and issues surrounding 2020 that caused a lockdown in most countries of the world, Onlyfans was able to standout and keep functioning through it all.

It was able to generate more income for both regular folks and celebrities even from the comfort of their homes.

I think it is safe to say that it helped and it still helps as a stable source of income for creators and people alike.

Does onlyfans accept prepaid cards?

Brief history of Onlyfans

Onlyfans was launched in 2016, as a platform for performers to provide clips and photos to their followers for a monthly subscription fee.

It was founded by Timothy Stokely and was basically designed as a video and social site.

Content creators, especially porn stars can set up their accounts using the company’s platform and charge the viewers a fee.

This subscription fee ranges from $4.99 to $49.99 a month depending on the type of service to be provided. The performers get to keep 80% of their charge paid by viewers.

The app today is known for its R-rated content worldwide and has over 200 million users. It is also known as a reliable paying website as there are rules that controls and guides payment.

Payment on Onlyfans

Different methods of payment are accepted on Onlyfans. Some of which are; visa cards, debit cards, master credit cards, maestro and some visa prepaid cards.

The purpose of this article is to help users answer the question ‘does onlyfans accept prepaid cards?’.

Splitting Payment method

Onlyfans does not allow for the division of one’s subscription plan across multiple payment methods.

What this simply means is that a user cannot use different cards to pay for his subscription he only has the option of paying once with one card.

But as a user, you can have more than one card linked to your account.

So in case one of your primary cards gets rejected, your secondary card can be charged instead.

This helps ensure the activeness of your subscription status so you can always have access to the creators content.

The major aim of only fans is to make available a platform for creators to create and distribute valuable and premium content that they can’t get anywhere else.


As a subscriber, you might sometimes have issues with your credit cards and also might not want to use your bank accounts. How then would you make payment on onlyfans?

Notice I mentioned earlier that some prepaid cards are acceptable for payment on onlyfans.

Let’s quickly discuss what prepaid cards are and the different types of prepaid cards we have.


Prepaid cards are more like gift cards. They allow you spend the amount of money you have on the card, such that once the balance is used up, you can always reload the card online at an ATM, a participating store, or other physical location.

They are issued by brands, and are designed and branded by major credit card companies.

Useful Tips About Prepaid cards.

1)Prepaid cards can serve as a useful option or alternative to cash.
2)Prepaid debit cards serve as an option for subscribers without a credit card or a regular debit card connected to a bank account.
3)A lot of fees are attached to using prepaid cards, so you might want to go for the best deals all the time.
4)A prepaid debit card is a good alternative for cash. However, a prepaid card is safer and better as it saves you the stress of having to carry money around.
5)Unlike cash, prepaid cards come with certain consumers protection.
6)It can be used for all online purchases and it can be used for any transaction that might need a credit card

Kinds of Prepaid Cards

1)Reloadable prepaid cards
2)Openloop prepaid cards
3)Prepaid cards for kids
4)Prepaid student ID cards
5)Prepaid business card
6)Prepaid travel cards.

Reloadable prepaid cards:

They are prepaid cards that allows the owner to add funds to the card account in various ways.

Funds can be added in the card account through direct deposit, a mobile check load or by simply doing a transfer from another account.

In addition, money can be added on the prepaid card by purchasing a reloadable pack to add a set amount of money or by adding money at preferred retail locations of financial institutions.

Openloop prepaid cards

They allow users to use cards at different trades that accepts the brand of debit or credit cards.

Prepaid Gift Card

They are usually a closed loop card as they are not reloadable.

They ensure easy way to give gifts without having to worry about the recipient’s taste.

They are used for specific retailers such as Starbucks, target, Walmart.

Student ID Cards

They are known as Double Duty Cards, as they allow students to pay campus services, meals and also purchase from traders outside campus.

Colleges are beginning to issue financial aid refunds using prepaid student ID cards. This allows students use card without opening a checking account.

Prepaid Cards For Kids

This is a family-oriented prepaid card that enables children develop one’s skill.

They help parents to teach their children how to manage finances. They are issued with various protected offers that promote safe use.

Prepaid Business Card

They help in the effective management of expenses incurred in business.

Prepaid Travel Card – Basically for international travelers who may need to take care of multiple currencies.


Different types of prepaid cards include:

Netspend visa cards
Cash App Prepaid cards
Walmart Money card
Payak master card
My vanilla prepaid card
BlueBird by American Express
Greenlight prepaid debit card.


Having known the different types of prepaid cards, does onlyfans accept prepaid card?

The answer is YES but it is limited. Unfortunately, some of these cards are not acceptable for payment on onlyfans.

Onlyfans only accepts specific brand of prepaid cards which for now is only one. This one card is the Netspend visa card.

Does onlyfans accept prepaid cards?


The Netspend visa card is the only prepaid card accepted on Onlyfans. Users can successfully complete a transaction on onlyfans using this prepaid card.

Netspend visa prepaid card comes with different benefits.

It is a readable type of visa card which allows users to load money on the card and then spend the money using visa cards. In addition, netspend cards can be used anywhere.

Net spend visa card helps anyone to stay within budget while doing a transaction and it is an assured way to avoid overspending.

Does onlyfans accept prepaid cards?

Netspend is very safe to use, as it offers protection if the card is stolen or misplaced.

Sign-Up and Bonus

Signing up with Netspend also comes with a $20 bonus but this bonus is only received when you follow through with some regulations.

Furthermore, a refund is made to you in case of unauthorized purchases. The Netspend visa card offers many great benefits which may be the reason why it can be successfully to make payments on Onlyfans.

Benefits of using Netspend Visa card on Onlyfans

2)Free $20 bonus
3)Fast and easy to use
5)It can be used anywhere and at anytime
6)Protection against lost or stolen card
7)It helps one stay within budget

Why use a prepaid card to pay?

As an online platform that provides services in exchange for money, it has to be very secure and also provide protection for whichever payment method a user inputs.

Safe and Secure

As prepaid cards are one of the safest most secured ways of making payments virtually, it is no surprise therefore that onlyfans makes use of this method.

As the Netspend prepaid visa card is one of the most reliable methods of making payments on Onlyfans for now, the other being CashApp prepaid card (which sometimes has issues), it helps ensures the privacy of the user’s card.


The foremost reason why prepaid cards are used on Onlyfans has to do with privacy.

Paying with a prepaid card, one doesn’t necessarily have to share their personal credit card information and this helps keep transactions private and less suspicious.

Unlike credit cards where you get notification of money spent, a prepaid card helps avoid all of that.

This is of utmost importance as this helps keep things on the low and subtility is guaranteed.

Cost Cutting

Having and using a prepaid card for Onlyfans payment also helps you to cut cost as there are no interest charges and avoid gong over your card limit.

Make sure that when getting your prepaid card, you take note and ensure cards that have monthly fees to avoid unnecessary fees and unplanned expenses.

Various Services

Onlyfans keeps growing everyday and as it grows, it has to follow trends and also improve in its service provision to users.

It provides various services like gaming, Fitness and exercise, dancing videos but it is popular for its adult contents.

So whenever you create and account, choose a subscription plan and payment method, make sure to be careful and subtle. Till next time, do take care.

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