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If you are looking for an honest Eazycash review, this article will be of much help to you.

Kindly read the entire article so that you can understand everything about Eazycash to avoid making rash decisions. I have highlighted all the necessary details on how eazycash works. I hope the details will help you decide whether eazycash is a scam or a legitimate platform. Also, I have included steps on how you can join eazycash if you are interested.


Eazycash is an online platform that offers you business plans free eBooks and gives you a chance to make money through their referral program. They also give you some other ways of earning, such as spinning, blogging, trivia questions, etc. These minor methods of earning can only help you make a little amount of cash. With eazycash, you will be able to buy airtime at a discounted price.

Eazycash: How it works

To join Eazycash, you are required Kshs 500,which is the registration fee. It is a one-time fee without any renewals.

How you will earn as Eazycash member

1. Through referrals (Main way of earning)

You will get a unique link as soon as you register with Eazycash. You will use your link to invite other people who are interested in joining Eazycash. The referral commission is up to level 3 of your downlines. I have described below how much you will earn on every level;

Level one; This level involves your direct referrals (people who join eazycash using your referral link). You will earn Kshs 300 per direct referral.

Level two; when someone from level 1 invites another person, you will earn Kshs 100 to infinity.

Level three; when someone from your level two invites another person, you will earn Kshs 50 to infinity.

In simple words,

If James joins eazycash using your link, you will earn Kshs 300

When James refers Rahab, you will earn Kshs 100

When Rahab refers Steve, you will earn Kshs 50

2. Trivia Questions

These are random questions that you will earn from if you answer them correctly. For you to earn, you must answer all the questions correctly. This is a minor way of earning; it is just a supplement to referring.

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3. Spinning

Spinning is another bonus offered by Eazycash. You will have a free welcome spin as a new user. It would be best if you spun as soon as your account is active since any delay will mean that you are no longer a new member.

You can also gamble using the casino spin wheel. Here you will bet with Kshs 20 or more and then spin the wheel. The amount that the arrow points to is what you have won. You can also lose if the amount indicated is low than what you had staked.

4. Discounted airtime

Instead of buying airtime at the marked price, you can easily buy it at a discounted price as a user of eazycash, which will help you save more.

5. Blog articles

Eazycash will pay you for writing articles that depend on the number of views. The more the views, the higher the chances of earning. Like spinning and trivia quizzes, blogging is a supplement to referring, meaning you cannot make a significant amount using it if you decide not to refer.

How to join Eazycash?

If you have Kshs 500 and you are interested in joining eazycash, follow the steps illustrated below.

Step 1; Create your account

Click here to register

And then, fill in your details such as username, phone number, password, etc.

Step 2; Account activation

After registering, you will be directed to the next step, where you are required to pay the joining fee (Kshs 500). Pay the fee and give it a few seconds, and your eazycash account will then be activated.

Step 3; Login

After you have activated your eazycash account, log in to your account, and copy your referral link, and also try the welcome spin. You can also download the eBooks and use them to draft business plans. You can also sell them to none eazycash members at any price you wish.

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