3 Best Ways To Find An Account Number From A Debit Card

It is pretty easy and quite common for one to forget their account number. Especially when it isn’t used frequently. Worry not, retrieving the account number from a debit card isn’t as difficult as one would think. With few easy steps, retrieving the account number from a debit card is possible. Here we shall take a look at 3 best ways to find an account number from a debit card. Not only from the debit card, but we shall also look at other various ways to retrieve the account number if the debit card isn’t available for some reason.

How To Find An Account Number From A Debit Card

find an account number from a debit card

Going straight to the point, the process of retrieving the account number from a debit card isn’t hard at all. It is pretty straightforward. If you inspect your card, it is highly likely that you shall find a row of numbers at the base of the card (on the frontside). There are a total of 16 numbers arranged in groups of four. This is your “PAN – Permanent Account Number”, the number that you are interested in. Out of the 16 numbers, the first 6 is your “BIN – Bank Identification Number” or “IIN – Issuer Identification Number”. The next set of numbers is your Account number. It should be noted that the account number found on the debit card is not your ‘bank’ account number. It is simply your account number that provides information about your bank account.

find an account number from a debit card
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Breakdown of the PAN – Permanent Account Number

For a better understanding of the 16 digits found on your debit card here is a breakdown. As I stated earlier, the number can be separated into the first 6 digits which is your BIN/IIN and the last 10 which is the account number. These numbers are very important, they shouldn’t be shown to just anyone. Also, in the case of your card getting lost or stolen, immediately report it to your bank.

The first Digit of the PAN on the debit card.

The first digit on the card, which is part of the Bank Identification Number is the “MII- Major Industry Identifier”. It shows which major industry has issued the debit card i.e., Banks, airline companies, petroleum companies, etc. From 0-9, each number stands for a different industry. Here is a list of each number and the industry they represent:

  • 0 – ISO and Industry Assignments.
  • 1 and 2 – Airline Cards.
  • 3 – Travel and Entertainment.
  • 4 and 5 – Banking and Financial cards e.g. Visa, MasterCard.
  • 6 – Merchandising and Banking.
  • 7 – Petroleum.
  • 8 – Telecom.
  • 9 – For Assignments by National Standard Bodies.

This first digit along with the rest of the first 5 numbers makes up the IIN. You will find that some online transactions or websites do not ask for the bank that issued the card. The (IIN) numbers will notify them.

The Account Number

Starting from the 7th to the 15th, these numbers are the Unique Identification number of the card, along with the last digit, they make up the account number. These numbers aren’t your actual Bank Account number, but they are linked to it. Though the unique numbers are linked to your account, the numbers will not bring harm to your account as they do not reveal too much about the account.

The Last Digit on the Account Number

The last number on the card, the 16th number is the Check Digit. This particular number determines whether your credit card is either valid or it isn’t. The sole purpose of the number is to validate the rest of the numbers on the debit card. The Check Digit is used to verify the accuracy of the numbers, it ensures that the number has not been typed wrong in a transaction.
These 10 numbers are what you need to look out for when identifying your account number using a debit card. The numbers are your account number. Your bank account number is not listed on the debit card itself. Rather the debit card (number) can be used to find out the bank account number.

find an account number from a debit card
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Other Methods To Find The Account Number on A Debit Card

There are other various methods to find your account number even without the use of your Debit card. There is also a number of ways to use your account number to find your actual bank account number. Let’s take a look at some of these methods.


One such way is to login into your bank website where you can search or ask for it. In this day and age, almost every single bank is linked to the internet and has its own respective website which its customers can access for information and use to perform transactions. You will need to know your login details to access your profile. Another method is to contact customer service online. They can help you access your account and find whatever information you are looking for including your account number or bank account number. To access and provide you with the relevant information, you will likely be asked a series of personal and security questions to confirm your identity and make sure you are truly the owner of the account.

Using the Banking app

This is very similar to using the online method (as you do need to be online) but it’s much more direct. Instead of going the roundabout route of accessing your bank’s website you can directly login to your Bank’s mobile app which is already linked to your bank account. Here finding the information you desire is easier and more straightforward. You might not even need to answer too many security questions and can find your account number in the app. It’s as simple as logging into an app using your password or in some cases fingerprints and seeking out the needed information. Some apps even allow you to chat with customer service if more help is required.

Contacting the Bank

Now for the times when you either do not have access to online services or your Bank’s app, there are still two different ways to find out the account number on a debit card. One such way is to directly call the bank. It should be fairly easy to find the number of the customer service of the bank. You can call them and provide relevant information, answer all the necessary questions, and you will be provided with your account number. This method is much slower and more time-consuming than almost every other method listed. Certainly more stressful than simply getting the account number from a debit card. Still, it is a viable method. You can also check recent bank statements or other transaction slips, but that likely won’t provide you will the whole number just the last digits I.e. xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-1234.

Visiting a Local Branch

The last but certainly not the least stressful method of finding out your account number is going directly to the bank and requesting it. To put it simply all you need to do is visit a branch and request the card number. It is best you go with some means of identification to make the process easier. In the bank, you should find a special section where you can request whatever you need from your bank including your account and bank account number. This truly is the most stressful and time-consuming method especially if nearest branch is nowhere near you. To avoid unnecessary stress and delay, it is best you exhaust all the previously mentioned methods first before visiting the local branch. That is unless you have the time on your hands or have no other choice.

find an account number from a debit card
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The Different Numbers on the Debit Card

It should be noted that the primary account number is not the only number you will find on the debit card. The 16-digit numbers are the ones to be interested in. It is on the front of the card usually just above your name. This holds your account number (the last 10 digits of the number). On the back of the debit card, there is another set of digits. It is a unique set of 3 digits. This is the CVV (also known as Card Certification Value). This is a very important number for online transactions. The CVV number is to verify a transaction so that it proceeds smoothly and securely. It is almost always certain that when completing an online transaction such as online shopping or paying bills using your debit card, then you will need to input your CVV.

Safely Handling Your debit Card

This shows that every digit on your debit card is very, very important and also why you need to be very careful with your debit card. It holds your PAN, personal account number, and CVV. Every number on the card is very important and has a specific purpose. Although here we are mainly interested in the 16 digits that hold your account number. Hence, if your card goes missing by chance, or it get stolen and you’re unable to find it in time, it is best to block the card completely and get a new one just to be safe.

Where is the account number on a debit card?

Where is the account number on a debit card?



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