Almost every chase bank user has experienced chase pending deposit or transaction one way or the other. Pending transactions or deposits are common in the banking sector. It often applies to cash withdrawals or payments or through debit cards. Chase bank is one of the best banks in the United States. They provide credit card perks and other great incentives. Also, they offer some benefits to their users.

As a Chase bank user, you might ask yourself, how long will my pending deposit clear on Chase? or you need some clarifications on the reason for your pending deposit or transaction. Do not worry, this piece will cover all you need to know about Chase’s pending deposits.

However, Chase bank posts all pending deposits or transactions overnight and it takes up to 24 hours to add a pending deposit back to your account balance. In most cases, it can take up to 7 days to clear Chases pending deposit.

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Read on to know more about pending deposits!!

What are Pending Transactions?

Simply put, a pending deposit/transaction is an uncompleted transaction whenever you want to pay for a good or make a cash withdrawal. The process by which your transaction makes it through the system to your bank connotes a pending transaction. Transactions are finally completed when it has been completed by the merchant and it has reached your bank.

Pending transactions often occur when a payment, cash withdrawal or debit card payment has been authorized by card issuers but hasn’t been completed. A pending deposit affects the number of funds in your bank account.

How long will your Chase pending deposit be clear?

Anytime you make a payment, the length of your pending transaction would depend on the merchant. Most times, merchants take up to 7days to inform your bank if the transaction is complete.

For car hires or hotels, the chase pending deposit or transaction might take up to 30 days to complete. During this process, you don’t have to panic. All you need to do is inform the two parties involved (the merchant and your bank).

When the transaction is still pending after the stated days, the money either goes to the merchant or is returned to your account. Anytime, it is returned to your account, you have to make your payment again.

Reasons For Chase Pending Deposit

By now, you already understand what a pending transaction is and how long it might take to be clear. Below, we will discuss some possible reasons behind Chase pending deposits.

Let’s get to it!!

Making transactions with your Chase debit card

There is a high possibility you will have a chase pending deposit or transaction if you use your debit card to make a purchase. This is because when you do so, the bank will hold the balance from your account and display it as a pending transaction.

However, there are times when you make a purchase and the amount won’t be deducted from your account nor will the merchant receive any particular amount hence resulting in a chase pending deposit.

Furthermore, a debit card purchase often can not be posted until your merchant has processed the payment activity on his bank. The process of doing this is called batching and it differs amongst merchants.

Large merchants typically do it at the end of the business day whereas small merchants batch their payment activity once a week. This is due to small transaction volumes. However, the transaction will be pending on your account until the merchant both large or small batches payment activity.

Merchant’s policy – Chase pending deposit

Here is another reason you have a pending transaction – merchant policy. Some merchants such as car hire, auto rentals or hitch place a hold on your debit card while you use their services. This is done to get a grip on you ensuring the safety of their property.

These holds are not permanent. It ends when you stop using their services or property. Once you have stopped using their services, they unhold your debit card. You should understand that this type of hold can stay up in your account for 14 days depending on the property or situation around, hence, you should budget before using any of these merchant services.

Credit or debit card deposit option on your card

The use of debit or credit cards also affects the state of your pending transaction, that is, the transaction pends differently depending on the use of debit or credit options on your card.

When you use your credit option, your purchase will not display as pending until the merchant batches the activity. In this situation, the purchase will pend on your account throughout the business day and then post to your account around midnight when Chase settles all payment activity.

On the other hand, your transaction is processed by your bank when you utilize your debit option. The purchase amount will be pending on your account and it is posted when the merchant batches or processes your payment.

In addition, late-night transactions cause chase pending deposit as well.

The solution to pending transactions – Chase pending deposit

Below are some possible solutions to your pending transactions.

  • In cases where the merchant has not received the money, the money will be returned and available in your bank within 6-7days.
  • In some situations when your deposit is pending due to two same payments, one of the payments will be authorized and the other will be pending. The pending transaction automatically disappears once your bank has processed the required transaction. 
  • For pending transactions caused as a result of late night, try to avoid making transactions at night.
  • If your pending transactions are a result of your merchant, maybe he hasn’t processed the payment. All you have to do is to contact the merchant and request they process the payment as soon as possible. Your bank has nothing to do with this.

How Chase bank posts pending transactions/deposits

To start with, the process by which your bank posts the online payments to your bank account is called publishing orders. Oftentimes, deposits are posted during night operations.

In addition, transaction posting begins with payment clearance and deduction of funds from your account. If you want your transaction posted on the same day of transfer, then you have to complete the process by 11 pm Eastern time.

In Chase bank, previous settlements are completed and then deposits are added to the account.

In situations whereby more than one transaction is done the same day maybe through wire transfer or, Chase banks post the transaction from high dollar to low dollar.

After the completion of the process, the transaction that could not be counted to maintain the desired account balance is subtracted from the balance.

In continuation, if you transfer with a negative balance then you are responsible for the pending transaction.

PS: Chase bank will clear all transactions if you transfer funds before the end of a business day.

At Chase bank, you can make your transfer via, Zelle or Chase mobile.

Benefits of banking with Chase

As said earlier, Chase is one of the best in the United States. They have many offers and benefits over other banks, below as some benefits of using Chase bank;

  • They offer check services to customers.
  • You can access your bank using an online account anywhere.
  • Availability of student banking option
  • You can earn a cash bonus through the referral account
  • Serve better over half of the United States



Chase bank is a good bank – the reason why more than half of Americans use it. The constant use of it has led to several frequently asked questions. Hence, we have tried to answer all possible questions about clearing your pending transaction in Chase.

In summary, late-night transactions are not suggested. Read through the whole piece and make banking with Chase bank easy. Enjoy!!

For more details visit Chase here.

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