To add money to Cash App Card is not as complicated as it seems. Lately, Cash App has become a widely used App so it is only fitting that we make using it simple and as stress-free as possible.

Briefly explaining Cash App

Cash App is a money-transferring App. What this means is that Cash App helps make sending and receiving money easy and without stress. To learn more, read one of our previous articles.

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General Stores to reload your Cash App Card

There are times people would rather opt for the walk-in store option than the bank account option. In times like that, it is faster and more easy to track as the amount loaded on your card is the cash received by the Cashier.

Some of these walk-in stores are:



CVS Pharmacy



Family Dollar

Rite AID

Dollar General

Eleven etc

How to reload my Cash App Card

Walk-in Store

Through your bank account (online)

Ask your friend to credit your Cash App Account and then pay them in Cash

Each of these options has been made available so users can do what they find convenient so the option used is left to you.



Loading your Cash App Card with Physical Cash

Generally, the ideal physical way to add money to Cash App Card is the ‘Over-the-Counter method’. This method applies to specific stores like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc.

All you have to do is go to specific branches of these stores, pay cash and ask the cashier to help load the cash you paid.

A fee may be requested to load the Cash into your account but no worries, it is not always much ($4). A point to note is that the fee varies so each store decides how much they will receive as their charge.

 As earlier stated that just specific branches allow this Physical cash loading option, make sure to make proper findings. This Physical loading option is not also available in all states but hopefully it will be soon.


Loading your Cash App Card through your Bank Account

This is only possible when you have a linked bank account to your Cash App account. Once you have this, you can even make transactions and load your account without a debit card.

This is the primary method users use as this method is fast, easy, and straightforward. A transfer fee of 1.5% of the amount transferred is charged but the transaction is cleared instantly. This is one advantage of loading your Cash App Card through your bank Account

Linking your bank Account to Your Cash App Account

– Load your Cash App application

-Locate the home screen

-select the ‘banking’ button

– Once you see the ‘Add a bank button’, click on it; after which you add your bank details

-Round up your linking process by adhering to the remaining steps

Loading your Cash App Card via bank Account

-Load your Cash App application

-click on the ‘Add Cash’ option

– Select the amount you wish to deposit

-Select the ‘Add’ button

-Locate your linked bank account

-Input your bank PIN for your card

-Click on the ‘confirm’ option

Loading your Cash App Card through walk-in methods

Just as the name implies and as earlier explained, all you have to do is walk into the specific accepted branches and load your card while you pay cash or you use your Cash App debit card.


Loading via Walmart

Walmart as a convenience store accepts both cash and Cash App debit card though for a service fee. This Walmart term is referred to as Rapid Reload System.

To reload and add money to Cash App Card, meet the Walmart Cashier, deposit your cash and they credit your Cash App Card for a small fee. This Rapid Reload system is not available in every Walmart state. Hopefully, it will be in the future.

The service fee increases as your deposit money doesare. What this means is that the fee is not fixed and it is determined by the amount to be transferred to your account and the branch. The necessary details for the Cash Reload is your Cash App Identity and details which must be correct to avoid wrong transactions

Loading via Walgreen

Walgreen is ranked the second-largest when it comes to owning pharmaceutical chain stores. The top of the list is CVS Pharmacy. Their area of specialization is health and wellness. It was founded in 1901 by Charles Walgreen and has since then grown to be a household name in America. They also deal in other products like toys, boots, toys, etc.

Paying via cash to add money to Cash App Card is also accepted at some branches of Walgreen. Depositing cash for Cash App Credit is made possible with their cash deposit partner option. Customers can pay by either using their debit card or cash. Either way, any of the two options is accepted.

Add money to your Cash App Card at Walgreen

-Enter into your nearest Walgreen store

-Make enquiries on if they accept cash or debit card or not

-Walk up to the cashier

– Make your intention known

-Give the cashier your details

-Hand out your card and cash to the cashier

-The cashier loads up your card

These are the simple steps to loading up your card at Walgreen

Loading via CVS Pharmacy

Originally called Consumer Value Store, this as the name implies is an organization that deals mostly in Health. It was founded in 1963 and has since grown to be one of the leading health organizations worldwide

Loading your Cash App via CVS is just like the above-mentioned. Walk into a CVS store, make your intentions known and follow the instructions given by the cashier. CVS collects reload fees which range but be guaranteed you will be getting your money’s worth.

Loading via Rite Aid

This is also like Walgreen and CVS. It is a drugstore chain that has made health easier. Over time, it has grown and developed to be a trusted and reliable brand.

Rite Aid also helps in reloading, exchange of funds, and ensuring safe and secure payment. Want to add money to Cash App Card, use Rite Aid.

The requirements are just like the above:

-Walk into a Rite Aid store

-make enquiries

-Give your details to the cashier and make your intentions known

-After giving the money to the cashier, the reload is then added to your account.

 This process is the same for almost is not all the stores mentioned above. The charges differ and can be as low as $4 to thousands of dollars. Just ensure that whenever you want to make a transaction, ask questions about what is not clear.


Another available method to add money to your Cash App Card is through friends. This method is quite simple. As Cash App is generally known to make transactions (send and receive money), this makes this method simple.

Telling a trusted friend to send money to your cash app and you paying with cash is another reliable option. This method is fast, safe, and reliable and whatever complaints you have can be tabled to your friend or Cash App customer service.

People prefer this method because, with this method, they can track their money. To make this possible though, the friend has to be an existing user of Cash App

Checking your Cash App balance after Loading

To know whether a transaction was successful, it is advisable to always check your account after reloading. This ensures you make the appropriate complaints and you are not stranded.

To do this, follow these steps:

-Log into your Cash App application

-Look for and click on the dollar ($) sign located at the top side

-Your total Cash App balance will be displayed

Ways to Check your Cash App balance

  • Without using the app

 This method is quite simple. What it entails is putting a call through to Cash App’s official toll-free customer care number. This number is1-855-351-2274. Once the call is made and you successfully go through the verification process which entails some questions, the customer care will let you know your Cash card details

  • By using the app

 This is also another alternative. Login into your cash app account, fill in your details and your balance pops up.

  • Through website

-On your phone’s browser, visit the official website of Cash App

-Fill in your correct info and login credentials

-Once signed in, your balance shows up in your account’s dashboard

How To Add Money To Cash App (2022) | Add Funds into CashApp

Some ATM Myths and Cash App Account

-One cannot add money to their Cash App Card through an ATM

-You cannot check your Cash App balance from an ATM

-Withdrawing from an ATM with Visa card acceptance is possible

 These are the common issues users have while trying to add money to their Cash App Cards. I hope this article was able to give a little clarification on those issues. Till next time, do take care.

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