How to Earn Free iTunes Gift Cards

If you are an Apple user or own a Mac desktop, having a free iTunes gift card is a win.

You’re probably saving up money to get a premium app or download podcasts because not everything is free on iTunes. If you earn free iTunes gift cards can save money for you without compromising on what you need to buy from iTunes.

Many companies and sites are giving free iTunes gift cards in exchange for promotions and things like that; it’s easy to earn a free iTunes gift card.

Now the question is, how do we earn iTunes gift cards for free, so? We have this article for you to answer this question, which will tell you how you can earn your free iTunes gift cards through these 15 sites mentioned below.

15 Best Sites to earn free iTunes Gift Cards

Below are some of the top websites where you can get free iTunes gift cards;

1. Points Prizes

It is available in almost all countries. It is one of the many other sites to get your free iTunes gift card. It was founded in 2016; it has been around for a long time now and is trusted by people worldwide. You can choose any gift card, and it will get sent to your email box. 

You can download its app on your device, making it easier to work for the surveys and offers, games, or watching videos. Their minimum payout amount is $20, which also changes depending on the brand of gift card. They also support referral programs which are mostly used by affiliate marketers on blogs or social media platforms. 

2. Ipsos-i-say

It serves for than 100 countries. It is an online reward and survey community that helps you earn rewards by participating in surveys and polls. Its minimum payout amount is $10.

 Its minimum payout amount is less than other sites, making it a little easy to reach up to that amount and redeem your rewards. It provides fun surveys, which will make the process interesting while you collect points to get your iTunes card.

3. ZoomBucks

Zoom bucks is another site to earn gift cards by completing surveys, watching videos, and doing other Offers. You can log in with your email id and password. It has a variety of cash-out rewards like iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Netflix gift cards, and much more. 

4. GrabPoints

Another site for gift cards, they pay cash or give gift cards as a reward; they recruit members. We as users are expected to watch videos, answer surveys, complete certain tasks, and do many other fun activities, and in return, we earn gift cards or PayPal cash. Their minimum payout is $16.

best sites to earn free iTunes gift cards

5. InstaGC

An authentic digital gift cards site is one of the fastest-growing communities that provides gift cards with your earned points. They ask the users to watch videos, do online shopping, search the web and answer daily or weekly surveys that they send on our email address. 

It’s a great source to win iTunes gift cards with many other brands’ gift cards. Their minimum payout is $5, which is great as it will be easier to reach that threshold, but the only limitation is that it is not available worldwide.

6. InboxDollars 

Inbox Dollars gives a bonus of $5 when we register our email on their site. It is available only in the US; it helps you earn real cash while online activities like playing games, answering surveys, watching videos, etc. 

They also provide free coupons for groceries, home, beauty, etc. you also get cashback for every coupon we redeem. The minimum amount to get a free iTunes card is $30.

7. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is also a great site to earn cash and many gift cards. It can be a good choice to earn your free iTunes gift card from Prize Rebel. You can sign up for free and earn points; you have to complete some short and fun surveys or other offers like watching any video or online shopping. 

We can either get gift cards, and if we want to redeem it as PayPal cash, we can do that as well. They offer hundreds of brand name gift cards, direct bank payments. They also offer free rewards to their users.

The minimum amount you need to get a free iTunes gift card is $10, but the drawback is that it is not available worldwide.

8. YouGov

It is a survey site that seems less complicated as all you will have to do is complete surveys to earn your free iTunes gift card. The minimum amount to win the iTunes gift card is $15.

There are other reward options as well, like PayPal and other brand name gift cards. It is available in almost all countries.

get free itunes gift cards

9. PointClub

It is another amazing source to get your hands on your free iTunes gift card; it also provides a bonus of $5 for signing up for the first time.

To redeem your points and get your rewards, you must complete certain tasks like surveys and other offers. 

The minimum amount you need to earn for a free iTunes gift card is $25.

It also has the option to redeem your points as real cash if you are not interested in claiming the gift cards.

10. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a website that offers gift cards, so you can get your iTunes gift card from Swagbucks as it is available almost in all countries. You get gift cards and cash for daily surveys and other online activities like answering surveys, watching entertaining videos, and much more to get your points.  

They provide both options; either you redeem your points for gift cards, or you can get cash back from PayPal. Lately, Swag Bucks have given 7,000 gift cards every day to its users.

11. MyPoints 

MyPoints is to give a bonus of $10 for simply registering with the site. It is another GTP site to get a free iTunes gift card.

My Points is linked with various brands, making it the go-to option if you want to earn a specific brand gift card. It gives you points as you answer the surveys, and you can redeem your collected points as real cash or get any brand name gift card as a reward for your points.

 It is available in US and Canada. To redeem an iTunes gift card is $5, but this is limited to US residents. Overall it’s a great earning platform for people who live in the countries mentioned above.

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12. Rewards1

Rewards 1 is available in almost all countries. The amount to redeem an iTunes gift card is $10, which can be achieved easily. It is easier to reach that amount if the user consistently completes tasks like watching videos, answering surveys, trying products, and much more.

 You can redeem your gift card or get it in real cash as soon as you have collected enough points for your desired gift card. They have many other brand gift cards like Starbucks cards, Amazon gift cards, App Store & iTunes, etc. All you need to do is engage in the activities given to you and make money in your free time.

13. InboxPounds

It is available in the UK, another famous GTP site, to get your free iTunes gift card. They give real cash on reading emails and answering short and fun surveys sent to your email address, weekly or daily, depending on your response to it. 

You get a 1 pound sign-up bonus from Inbox Pounds. This can be a great option for people who live in the UK to reach the maximum payout threshold. 

14. Opinion Bureau

It is available in most countries except a few; it works the same as any other GTP site. You register, then earn rewards, and get paid when you reach the desired payout threshold. It is a secure site where you can easily get an iTunes gift card with many other rewards. 

The minimum amount to get an iTunes gift card is $5, which is less than many GTP sites. Its activities are limited to surveys, so you don’t have the option to do anything other than answer surveys. Opinion Bureau is easier if compared to other sites as you can reach your payout threshold quickly. 

15. AppKarma

It is another amazing site to earn your iTunes gift card; you can install its app and use it in the comfort of your phone or tablet. It is available worldwide.

There’s one benefit this app gives: it allows you to earn by playing games installed on this app, there are other opportunities as well, but mainly you can earn by playing games on this app, which may be fun to people who like to play news games.

The minimum amount required to get an iTunes gift card is $5.


These were some legit sites that helped the users get free iTunes gift cards by simply answering surveys and doing other common online activities. You can sign up to any of the sites mentioned above depending on where you live, and you can earn cash or gift cards from various brands. I hope this article was helpful, and to sign up, you can click the link on the site name mentioned above.

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