How to find bank accounts with a social security number has always been a grey spot for people looking for account information. Asking the wrong questions or the wrong person can get you on the wrong side of the law. Due to how important and sensitive the SSN is, you can sometimes find yourself toeing the line between legal and illegal if you go around asking people about their SSN

As you know, the social security number is the foundation of any US citizen’s financial life. Its most important function may be to keep track of your lifetime earnings so that when the IRS comes knocking, or you retire or become disabled, you receive the proper Social Security benefits. 

However, you can use this number for different purposes. For instance in banking, it serves as a unique link to your identity.

Your Social Security number, along with other identifying information like your date of birth, can be used by banks to instantly confirm your financial details, and who you are. 

Banks can also use your SSN to report certain financial transactions and earnings to the IRS once your account is open. This is one of the major reasons why banks always ask for your Social Security number.

Benefits of Finding Bank Accounts with a Social Security Number

  1. If you are a US citizen, there’s a high possibility you don’t know that the social security number can be used to check someone’s bank account information. For example, if you have a court judgment in your favor against a debtor, and he/she has missed a deadline to pay. You can request a court order to find the social security number of this debtor. Then find out the bank account information and details. 
  2. Another benefit is if you’re going through a divorce. And you believe your spouse’s asset statement is false. With a court order, you can hire the services of a private investigator to help you retrieve the full details of the accounts through the social security number.
  3. You have a court judgment against anyone who has declared himself bankrupt: If you have someone who has declared bankruptcy and you don’t believe the claims, you can file for a court order to check their account details to fully confirm if they are bankrupt or not.

What is your Social Security Number?How to find bank accounts with a social security number

Social Security numbers have nine digits and are issued to both citizens and lawful permanent residents of the United States. Anyone who earns money in the United States is given an SSN, which is required in order to report the individual’s earnings to the IRS. 

Everyone over the age of 18 who earns money is required to have a Social Security number.

Where can you find the Social Security Number?-How to find bank accounts with a social security number

Not everybody has a social security number. So before you search for an account number through the social security number, you want to know if the person actually has a social security number.

NOTE: If they are unemployed and don’t pay taxes, you won’t be able to find one. And also nonimmigrant visa holders are unlikely to have a Social Security number.

So here’s how to find a social security number:

  • On Your Business Card:

If you have one, you must also have a social security card. As a result, you should check your card for your number, which is printed alongside your name.

  • Bank Statements or Tax Returns:

If you look through your W-2s, tax returns, or bank statements. In most cases, the Social Security Number can be found there.

  • From a Former Boss:

Another option is to contact your current or former employer. Employers often keep Social Security information. So if you don’t have another way to find your SSN, you can use this method. Request a copy from your employer.

  •  Forms submitted to the USCIS:

The SSN can sometimes be found on USCIS forms you’ve previously filed. If you don’t yet have an SSN but need to file USCIS forms, you can still do so by entering “N/A” in the SSN field.

What is the difference between your Social Security Number and your Account Number?-How to find bank accounts with a social security number

The most important distinction is that you can get a new bank account number, whereas the Social Security Administration only issues new Social Security numbers on rare occasions.

When you can’t use your social security number to find bank accounts- How to find bank accounts with a social security number

  1. Not possible outside the United States of America: 

If you are looking for account numbers that are not registered in the United States, you might not be able to find them using just the social security number. This is because most of the Federal governments outside the United States don’t use the social security number system. 

  1. If the account holder is not a United States Citizen: 

If the bank account information you are trying to find is for a non-United States citizen, then you can’t use the social security number to find the account details. This is because social security numbers are only issued to people who are citizens of the United States.

  1. If the account holder is not earning an income:

You are only eligible for a social security number if you are eighteen years old and above, and you earn an income.

How to find bank accounts with a social security number

Every bank and financial institution in the United States has a responsibility to its clients to protect their privacy.

That always seems like the most important thing first. So no matter how important the cause or case is that requires an SSN, and the bank account information, you cannot walk into a bank and request the information of another person’s bank account.

To obtain any kind of information about the bank accounts, you’ll need some legal documents and authorization. There are agencies that will help you file for this document in court, and make the process of obtaining the information as seamless as possible. 

These agencies are designated to conduct such information searches. If you have connections, this might be the best time to flex your connection muscles, if you want the search process to be as seamless as possible. 

Here’s How to find bank accounts with a Social Security Number:

  • Through Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings:

UCC Filings (Uniform Commercial Code Filings) are approved methods for a Bank Account Search by Social Security Number. For the Uniform Commercial Code filings to be searched, you must submit a copy to the secretary of state.

In such cases, the defendant’s loan may have been provided by the same bank that he/she uses personally. This is a very common and smart practice among debtors. Because you already have a relationship with the bank, your chances of getting a loan are better.

  • Obtained checks from a reputable source:

A few checks from the secured party might need to be provisioned to the debtor, which will help with Bank Account Search by Social Security Number. This is when a debtor receives a loan that must be deposited into their bank account.

The bank account number is always written on the reverse of the check when it is returned to the issuing bank during deposition. You might get the paper trail if you subpoena the party for a copy of such a check.

  • Duplicate checks from the person:

When a bank loan is taken out, the debtor is required to repay the loan by writing monthly checks from their checking account. 

Such required contributions are always made by check rather than cash. If you serve a subpoena on the targeted bank based on the preceding information, you may be able to obtain a copy of such checks.

  • Organizations that find assets:

There are agencies and some major asset search companies that can assist you in conducting a bank account search using your Social Security Number.

Asset search companies can easily assist you in determining the financial strength of your partner. 

Asset search companies can help you find out about your partner’s financial situation for commercial or personal reasons. They offer a wide range of services, including locating and valuing hidden assets, as well as tracking bank accounts, and determining balances.

  • Making a Loan Application:

It’ll also be necessary to consider the UCC filing’s purpose. In this case, the defendant may have received a loan application from a secured party, and the purpose of the UCC filing is to notify the general public that the secured party has an interest in the debtor’s property.

In this case, the loan application form and financial statement are very useful in locating bank accounts. This information must include the debtor’s bank account information.

In conclusion on how to find bank accounts with a social security number, if you want to obtain the account details of anybody, the first step should be for you to get the proper legal documents. Because without that, you can’t get anything. 

I hope this article has given you the different techniques you can use how to find bank accounts with a social security number and obtain a bank account number through a social security number.

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