How to Make Money on LifePoints | 2022 Guide

If you are curious about how to make money from home without hustling much, this article is for you. Some sites conduct multiple surveys and by giving a response to such surveys you can easily make passive income. 

Yes, you heard that right you can easily generate revenue by answering some simple questions from the comfort of your home. Although most people struggle to choose from innumerable paid surveys sites which are present on the web.

LifePoints is one of the popular free digital platforms having around 5 million members which provides incentives for answering surveys as well as other activities such as behaviour tracking, mini polls and product testing.

As per reports around $22 million members have been paid a handsome sum by them. The founder of LifePoints is Lightspeed which is one of the leading global research as well as analysis firms.

It is considered one of the reputed hubs for conducting research in the market and offering the consumers the chance to influence the prospect of the products as well as services by expressing their opinions.

By the end of this article, your every query related to how to make money on LifePoints would be resolved.

Ways to make money on LifePoints?

Making money on such sites becomes very convenient once you become aware of some of the tips and tricks to abide by. Once you get started, there’s higher proximity of you earning the rewards consistently.

Here is the list of some of the ways to know how to make money on Life Points:-

ways to make money on lifepoints

#1. Participating in different surveys

There is a multitude of ways to gain  LifePoints and it’s very important to know them because of the ways online paid surveys have become a great source of revenue. A good example is survey junkie which is one of the high paying survey site.

After logging into the LifePoints site you can be a part of all the available surveys and all of them are present on the home page. The users would be sent an invitation through email per month by LifePoints.

Although the rate of the reward varies from one survey to another. You might get low scores like 60 and high scores such as 350 depending on the survey. You should try to respond to longer surveys since they award higher points.

The beginning of most surveys takes place by determining the user’s demographics as well as behavioural skills to know if they are qualified enough to answer the survey. If you don’t qualify you are told to apply for any other survey.

#2. Signing Up

As soon as you sign up to LifePoints you would be awarded 10 LifePoints for registration as verifying your email address. For additional 10 points, you need to answer several questions regarding your household so that you qualify for the survey.

The users who opt to sign in from a desktop browser or laptop should install the mobile app for iOS devices or Android. It is reported that the earnings are higher from the phones since it’s more reliable.

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#3. Product Testing

At times members receive products from LifePoints so that the brands can get a real review about the product and improve it accordingly. This process is quite a fun way to experience new products and meanwhile earn rewards for them.

#4. Tracking users behaviours

You would be rewarded with lots of points by LifePoints because of your experiences as well as behaviours via diary entries.

The data present in your diaries would brief the research companies regarding how a particular product has been used.

Since the different reviews, as well as experiences given by different customers, can help brands to shape the future versions of their products articulated.

To maintain a diary you need more time and patience since proper maintenance can get you rewarded with more points.

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Getting Started with LifePoints?

You can be a user of LifePoints easily and one of the best parts is that you don’t have to pay any charge for signing up. You can become a member without any fee.

The site values its users by rewarding them every time they keep their points of view and opinions online. To become a member of the community an individual is just required to tap on the join button which is present on the homepage of LifePoints.

After following all the initial steps for registration you would receive an activation email for confirmation about your membership. You just have to tap on the link provided there for activating the membership.

After activation, you are free to answer surveys and influence a wide range of brands with your valuable ideas as well as opinions.

What’s the eligibility to join LifePoints?

To become a member of LifePoints you must be a minimum of 16 years old. This is the only restriction. People irrespective of any geographical location are free to join the community.

There are however some regions which may be blocked, so the best choice is checking if you’re eligible. If country isn’t allowed you can join alternative survey sites that pay instantly and are available worldwide. For example Surveytime which pay $1 for every per complete survey.

How to know if LifePoints is the right choice for me?

LifePoints is a very simple, clutter-free as well as modular panel. The users can easily know their total points through the progress bar in the survey panel and it also makes you aware of the additional points which are required for a cash payout.

Mostly, LifePoints are for the following kind of people:-

1. People who love putting up their opinion

LifePoints is known for its paid survey platform that’s why people who are fond of expressing their opinions should join this community to take part in different surveys.

2. People willing to make passive income during leisure

If you are tired of your regular jobs and want to take a break from them. Then such paid surveys are an ideal option for you. You can do this for the long term without any commitment.

3. People having a busy lifestyle

LifePoints can fit into your busiest lifestyle. Even if you manage to spare 5 minutes daily from your hectic schedule it would be worth your time and efforts. Since you are growing your wealth, it would also freshen up your mood from your continuous work schedule.

How to get paid from Life Points?

According to estimation, you can earn around 20 to 100 points per survey. If you’re good at your response you might be rewarded with 150-200 points per survey. The earnings of the point increase as the length of each survey increases.

The users receive the payment in the form of donations, Gift cards as well as PayPal vouchers. If you want to spend your rewards for a donation you have to earn 205 points for doing so. You require 550 points worth a $5 Amazon gift card.

The least amount of PayPal credit that can be claimed is $10 which costs around 1,200 points. For getting the best value of your LifePoints it is suggested to redeem a gift card. The worth of LifePoints is around 9 cents each.

If you opt for cash payout then you have to redeem around 8.3 cents per point for a PayPal credit. The users should make sure that the email address matches the email they have used during registration with LifePoints.

It would take 5-10 business days to redeem your PayPal credit or a gift card.

Below is a video overview of how lifepoints folks work;

What are some of the pros and cons of LifePoints?

LifePoints is a free site that gives you an opportunity to earn points that can be redeemed further as gift cards, PayPal credit. The users are only required to complete the surveys for which they are qualified. The site is accessible across the world and it is available in 26 languages.

Although with every good site comes pros and cons. It’s important to be aware of it. Some of them are as follows:-


  • Wide range of survey options
  • Points can be redeemed in several ways
  • Not bound by the geographical limit
  • Opportunity to express your personal opinion and get paid for it


  • Points can expire

Is LifePoints worth your time?

LifePoints is one of the legitimate trusted survey sites. It is created by two strong companies such as MySurvey as well as LightSpeed which are two of the most reputed companies.

This site has also attracted a lot of positive ratings from the users with an average score of 4.3 out of 5. It only loses its rating because at times the app glitches mostly due to the management of the account.

The users can easily learn how to make money on Life Points. The legitimacy of the payouts as well as surveys are solid and they have never been complained about by their respective users. The apps take full charge of every feedback which is there on the Google Play Store.

Moreover, this app has gained over 5 million members in around 70 countries so there’s no chance to not trust them and the credibility of this site.

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