How to Make Money with Offer Nation | Ultimate guide (2022)

Your opinion matters to Offer Nation — and they will pay you for it.

As a legal market research company, Offer Nation collects consumer insight on behalf of brands.

These insights and feedback are used to improve their product offerings, marketing strategy, and profitability. It is for this reason they want your opinions, and they pay you for them.

Taking surveys may not make you rich, but it’s a good way to earn some extra cash. See how you can make money with Offer Nation, how to join for free in under a few minutes, and how you can maximize your earnings.

Let’s dive into understanding how Offer Nation Works and how you can utilize all the earning features to make money online.

Main ways to make money with Offer Nation

Offer Nation has different methods you can earn money from, including paid surveys, completing offers, affiliate programs, and more. All these methods have been explained in detail below;

1. Paid Surveys

If you’re looking for a site with lots of surveys that you can participate in and earn money, Offernation is there for you. The site has integrated almost all survey networks, and you get to choose any that you like.

Offernation has partnered with some of the networks include Revenue Surveys, Yuno Paid surveys, Bitlabs Surveys, Opinion Capital, CPX Research, and more. You can find them on your Offernation account dashboard under the ‘Surveys’ tab.

You, therefore, have a variety of surveys that you can participate in and make money with Offernation. They pay in both cash and points where 1 100 points are equal to $1.

The earnings per complete survey vary from one to the other. The good news is they indicate the money you’ll make from a particular survey, at least most times. Your country of residence, gender, interests, and other demographic factors are used to match you with appropriate surveys.

Offernation will ask you questions to determine whether you qualify for a survey and ensure that you’re the one participating and not someone else or a bot. Giving out the right details during registration always helps you get matched with surveys you qualify for and avoid screenouts.

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2. Offer Walls

As the name suggests, Offernation has various offers from different networks to complete various tasks and get paid. Some of these tasks include installing apps, playing games, signing up to various sites, and more.

The offers are offered by different companies such as Adgate, Peanut Labs, Lootably OfferToro, and more. There’s also an option for worldwide offers where you can find offers that are specifically meant for you.

make money with Offer Nation OfferWalls

It’s essential to read the terms of each offer before you start. Most offers pay via points, and thus the earnings might not be so good given that some take a long duration before completion.

I am not a fan of the Offernation offer wall due to the time required to complete it. You can, however, give them a short, especially during times when you’re idle.

3. Referral Program

Offernation has a referral program where they pay you for recommending the site to other people. Once someone joins through your unique referral link, you’ll continuously earn 25% of what they make in their account.

For instance, if you refer someone and earn $20, you’ll earn $5 as a referral bonus. The $5 is not deducted from your referral’s earnings; instead, Offernation pays you from their funds. Meaning it’s a win-win situation for both you and your referral.

Unlike the Surveytime affiliate program, where you get paid once your referral completes their first survey, Offer Nation pays you continuously, provided your referrals continue earning. The drawback is that your referrals must stay active for you to earn consistently. It may take a long time before a referral makes you $1 if they’re not engaged. For such cases joining Surveytime might be a good alternative.

4. Cash Contests

Offer Nation has a $1000 contest that lasts for three months which is free and open to all members. As an Offernation user, you’re automatically part of the contest.

There are usually 20 winners at the end of the contest who share the $1000 reward. The ranking is based on hard work; who earned more money on the site. Usually, the top earner gets $350, while the 20th receives a $10 reward at the end of the contest.

Cash contests aren’t a secure way of making money; instead, they reward people already making money on

5. Promo Codes and Registration Bonus

As soon as you create your Offernation account, you’ll receive a $0.25 registration bonus. Since the minimum earnings required to cash out is $1, you will make your withdrawal after earning 75 cents more.

You can increase your Offer Nation earnings using Promo Codes, usually posted on Offernation’s Twitter account. The valuation of the promo codes is merely a few cents to a dollar; hence they might not earn you much. Furthermore, Offernation post the codes randomly, so you cannot rely on them to make money with Offer Nation.

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Joining Offer Nation

Like many paying surveys legit sites, Offer Nation is free to join. It’s available in many countries across the world, especially where PayPal is allowed.

The registration is fast and straightforward, as explained below;

  • Visit the Offernation by clicking here.
  • Click Join free section, which will direct you to the registration page
  • Input your details, including your country, address, and payment method you would prefer to receive your money, read the Terms & Conditions and then click Register.
  • You can then follow the next steps and start participating in Offernation surveys and earn money.

How and When you’ll get paid

After you’ve made money with Offernation, you can go ahead and request for payout. The minimum amount you must have in your account before withdrawing varies with the method of payment.

For instance, to withdraw via PayPal, you must have at least $1 as account balance. The amount takes a few hours or minutes before being deposited into your PayPal account. There’s a 2% charge on the amount withdrawn. If you use PayPal instant to cash out, the earnings are sent immediately.

Other Payout methods available include Skrill (must have a $5 balance) and bitcoin, where you must have at least $200 in Offer Nation account.

Final thoughts

Offernation has been proven to be a legitimate site that is paying people across the world. It may not help you earn a full-time income considering that the surveys don’t pay much and aren’t reliable income sources. If you utilize most of the ways to make money with Offer Nation discussed above, you might earn more than you might expect.

Offer Nation payments per survey are pretty low compared to other High paying survey sites like Survey Junkie and Vindale research. However, the fact that it’s available worldwide means they have given more opportunities to many people to extra income from home.

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