Is Legit or Scam? Complete Tasks and Earn

Is legit or a scam? How does Benyu work? Can you make money with Hello and welcome to Online Jobs Updates where I will help you analyze this South Africa platform to help you under if it’s worth your time or not!

Let’s get started with South Africa review

What is or simply Benyu is another South Africa earning platform which is offering GPT tasks that can help you make extra income online.

The website has various offers which are mouthwatering to many people.

It’s because of these reasons, Benyu has gained a noticeable popularity from different countries including South Africa, United States, Spain, India, Indonesia, etc.

Their registration bonus of 30 rands has attracted more people as is the case with many online platforms, you’re asked to pay before joining instead of being rewarded for joining. A good example being

Even with its free features there is probably a catch and that’s the purpose of this review. The aim is to know if is worth joining or just a waste of time.

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How Benyu Works

Joining Benyu is free which means there are no upfront costs. It’s open to everyone as indicated earlier but majority of the users are based in South Africa. some notable similarities with other South Africa platforms such as which is an investment based platform.

The free sign up bonus given to all the new members is just a token which will be difficult to withdraw. You have to make more money using their other features to qualify for payout. So, what are these other methods of earning with Benyu.

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Benyu has two major ways of earning which are referring (as expected) and grabbing orders.

To help you understand how each of these method works, we have briefly discussed each below;

Orders Grabbing

Order grabbing involves completing daily tasks. The amount earned varies with the package you’ve subscribed to on

They’ve a free package where you’ll have access to the least number of tasks. It will take time before you earn enough amount to attain the minimum withdrawal.

Consequently, you’ll be tempted to upgrade to a higher package that gives you more tasks which translate to more daily earnings. Here you’ve to recharge your account by depositing money into the account.

The problem of upgrading is that there is no assurance that you’ll ever earn your investment back. It’s common with many investment based websites such as Upistic where they promise high ROI and in the end scam people.

One thing to note is that is making money from the money deposited by the users. They’ve no other source of income which means that when people cease to invest, it will collapse.

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Referring is not bad especially when it fall under affiliate marketing. Many top companies use affiliates to market their product.

With Benyu, the referral program entails you inviting people to join the platform where they’ll not get any product or valuable service. It’s simply a pyramid scheme.

You earn 3 rands for every person you invite to join You can invite as many people as possible. The referrals don’t have to deposit for you to earn.

Once you login on Benyu cloud website, you’ll find your referrl link which you can share with friends or followers on social media platforms.

How to Create an account?

how to register with

If you wish to join you can follow the step by step procedure below;

  • Head over to website or simply use a referral link from an existing member
  • Click the ‘No account to register‘ button
  • On the next page enter your mobile number, login password and payment password.
  • Click ‘Registration’ button and your account will be created immediately.

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How to Login to

To log into your Benyu account do the following;

  • Visit Benyu website
  • Enter your phone number or account number and password
  • Click ‘Login’ button and you’ll have access to all features

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How to get paid?

After earning with, you may want to request for withdraw.

The first step is ensuring you have attained the minimum payout amount. Then set up your payment details and then request for withdrawal.

The payment method will vary from one country to the other. Members from South Africa tend to have more options since that’s where Benyu cloud is based.

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How to contact Benyu?

Benyu customer service is only available on telegram. That’s where you can contact them. However, you won’t be guaranteed to get a response.

You can access the link to telegram by clicking customer service on website.

Is Legit or Scam? is not legit platform. It has come up with attractive features to get more people to join and the end up collapsing with its users money. Don’t fall for the trap! If you must join, then invest what you can afford to lose.

The person behind Benyu is unknown, no explanation of the revenue model, no legal documents, still a new website. All of these are just some of the red flags of

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10 thoughts on “Is Legit or Scam? Complete Tasks and Earn

  1. I want my money backk please
    It’s about 8000
    As the order is of 35000 and I am unable to complete as it is so expensive
    So please

    1. Hey Simran,

      Make sure to contact the customer service of for this – I cannot help as I do not operate or own Benyu!

      Best Regards, Henri

    1. Hey Haider,

      The free sign up bonus given to all the new members is just a token which will be difficult to withdraw. You have to make more money using their other features to qualify for payout.
      I would definitely reach out to their support if this is for bigger amounts – let us know if they are able to resolve this 🙂

      Cheers, Henri

      1. I am Deposit money and complete some task and then due to unable to pay my amount which i paid got frozen and now they are asking me for more which i don’t able to deposit.

  2. they are Scam they freeze my money and now don’t unfreeze and required me to pay 51000 to complete the task

  3. This is a fraud company.i complete my task and withdraw money .but I didn’t get because of company upgrade.after upgradetion only they give mily money .what is this? I charge ur company by borrowed but u cheating once again. This my last chance for living but u cheated on lt. Now my life is trouble. No option for me .I leaving from my this life .

  4. Benyu is a fake website it makes fraud with new joiner by knowing they increase commission rates so that you can’t complete the task and if someone by any difficulty or by borrowing they will just lose their everything……

  5. Shame on u ppl …..even my money got wasted 4000 ….I want my money back ….if ur cheating like this wht can u gain from this ….shame on u ….God u show u he’ll don’t worry my frnds who all is cheating

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