Is Worth Joining in 2022?

For over 8 years, (launched in 2013) has been operating attracting millions of monthly visitors. It keeps expanding and more people are joining with the hope of earning their first or extra bitcoin.

Is FreebBitco worth joining today or is it just a waste of time?

It is the main question I will be answering in this review.

We’ll also take a loo at how the platform works, what to expect, and analyze more features of this Free Bitcoin platform.

What is FreeBitco?

FreeBitco is a bitcoin faucet that claims to be offering its users a chance to earn about $200 on hourly basis. It can be found online at They’re also giving 1 bitcoin as a jackpot deal.

The platform is open to everyone acrosss the world and has gained quite a good number of users in countries such as Canada, Egypt, India, United States, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, United Kingdom, Germany, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and more.

Their offer of the free bitcoins which is the backbone of FreeBitco platform is most likely the reason behind its popularity.

How Does FreebBitco Work?

how does work is based on the cryptocurrency trading. But to be precise the main reason people join is because of the online casino and the referral program.

With the online casino there are no guarantees of how much you can make as an active user. It’s purely based on your luck. That’s why they emphasize that you can earn up to $200. There is no exact figure.

It’s built on the idea of making money while gaming. As it’s the case with most of online gaming websites, there are alwaus losers and winners. Therefore, it Freebitco In cannot function as work from home job which can help you make passive income.

Today you may gain while playing, but then lose all your gains on the next day.

I wouldn’t recommend it a friend who’s willing to make real money online be it parttime or on fulltime basis. Especially, due to the many complaints from current members regarding the withdrawal issues.

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The Referral Program

You will earn commissions by inviting your friend to This is according to their generous referral program.

The commissions are earned for the lifetime across all your direct invites.

  • For Free Rolls, you’ll get 50% commissions
  • Multiply Bitcoin will earn you 0.4%
  • Betting Wagers will get you 0.4% as well

Also they do have contests where you can win over 10 grand.

The referral link can be accessed as soon as you sign into your account.

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How to get Started?

Since joining is free the procedure of being a member is simple as given below.

  • Visit website or use a referral link from a friend
  • You’ll be redirected to the registration page
  • Enter your details in the form given; email address and password
  • Then click ‘Sign Up‘ button

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How to Login to

To login into your FreeBitco account follow the steps below;

  • Visit the Freebitcoin website
  • Click Login on top-right section
  • Enter your Bitcoin address or email address and password
  • Then click ‘LOGIN’ button to access your account

Alternatively, you can use the FreeBitco app!

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How do You get Paid?

The first step is ensuring you’ve a bitcoin address. This can be opened from different wallet such as Binance, Coinbase, Shakepay, etc. Also ensure you have reached the minimum amount required to cash out.

While requesting for withdraw, you’ve three option which are Instant, slow and auto.

The Auto option takes about 15 minutes before you receive the money but the transaction fees are relatively higher than that of slow option which will take up to 24 hours.

After you’ve selected your option, enter the amount you wish to withdraw, the transaction fees will be calculated then you can enter the Bitcoin address where you wish to receive funds. Finally click the ‘Withdraw‘ button!

Note: There are multiple complaints from the users that they cannot withdraw their earnings. It is something you should know before deciding to be part of the gaming platform.

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Is Worth Joining? is a legit platform which has been operating for a number of years. But it’s most likely not worth your time especially if you don’t like gambling or referring other people.

If you decide to join there are some things you should consider which include;

  • There are negative reviews of the platform on Trustpilot which you should check before signing up
  • The owner of has never come out openly in public.
  • There is no guarantee that you’ll make money since it’s all based on luck

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How does FreeBitco make money?

FreeBitco makes money through by taking the share of what the bitcoin game players loses. It’s business model is similar to that of typical online casinos the only difference is that bitcoin is basic currency with

How much can I earn from FreeBitco in?

According to website, you can up to $200 each hour as an active users.

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