Is legit or Scam (Prime Trade Finance Review)

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In this post we’ll answer some of your questions including whether is a scam or legit platform, how Prime Trade Finance works, who can join and if it’s worth it.

Quick Overview

Name: Prime Trade Finance
Who can join: Everyone of legal age
Price to Join
: Free but it is Investment based

What is Prime Trade Finance?

Prime Trade Finance, found online at, is a new cryptocurrency based investment platform that claims to be helping both long and short-term investors. It’s available worldwide provided you have a cryptocurrency wallet.

The website is still and that’s why we’re writing this review to help people who may be interested in joining understand the platform.

How it works

Source: works in almost a similar way with other platforms such as Upistic. Joining the platform is free after which you can access all its features.

The primary feature being the investment which is available to everyone. Also they have an affiliate program. All this will be discussed under how you can earn with

You can register by visiting website and creating a free account where you’ll just be required to enter your details and the preferred mode of payment.

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Ways of Earning has to main ways of earning. The two are related as none of the methods of earning will flourish solo. They’re the Investment for interest and affiliate program which earns you commissions.

Here is an indepth analysis of each of this methods. Investment Investment

Prime Trade Finance has multiple packages where you can invest different amount, for a certain period of time and expect an interest. All the packages are available from $10 to $100,000. Below is an explanation of the features of each investment plan;

30 Days Investment Plan

The minimum deposit amount is $10 whereas the maximum is 899 USD

You’ll earn a daily interest of 4.5% for a period of 30 days.

The total return on investment is therefore 135% with principal included.

20 Days Plan

The amount one can invest in this plan ranges between 900 and 4,999 USD

Daily return on investment is 7% with 20 days maturity period.

The total ROI IS 140% with the deposit amount included.

10 Days Investment Plan

Daily returns are 18% of initial deposit.

The deposit ranges between $5,000 and $9,999

The total ROI after the 10 days is 180%.

5 Days Investment Plan

The least amount you can invest in this plan is $10,000 while the highest is $80,000.

The daily interest is 42% which runs for a period of 5 days.

After maturity, you’ll have earned 210% as ROI.

After 30 Days Plan

It has investment amount ranging between $4,000 and $100,000.

The total ROI on investment after 30 days is at the highest point being 400%. Meaning if you invest $6,000 you’ll have gained $24,000 after the maturity period.

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The Affliate Program

The affiliate program offered by is simple to understand as it runs upto to 4th tier of referrals.

Tier one: You earn 8% of your direct invites deposits.

Tier two: You’ll earn 3% of the deposits made by people referred by Tier one referrals.

Teir three: You earn 1% of what indirect referrals invited by your Tier two downlines invest.

Tier four: You’ll also earn 1% of the deposit amount made by people invited by the tier 3 referrals.

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How to withdraw offers many modes of withdrawing and most of them are cryptocurrency wallets based. They include;

  • PerfectMoney
  • Tether ERC20
  • Tron
  • Dogecoin
  • Tether TRC20
  • Tether BEP20
  • Bitcoin
  • Dash
  • Ethereum

There are other modes of withdrawing money from Prime Trade Finance which you can find on their website.

To withdraw your earnings, follow the procedure below;

Click the ‘Withdraw’ tab after logging into your account.

Scroll until you find the method you wish to receive the money.

If the you’ve not added the wallet address, click ‘not set‘ and enter the appropriate address.

The cash out the amount you wish marked as available.

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Is Legit?

Although it hasn’t scammed anyone yet, we cannot conclude that is a legit investment platform due to its high return on investment. It’s clear that it’s a HYIP which promises huge returns and end up scamming people.

Also the owner of the PrimeTradeFinance net platform is unknown which is a big red flag. The source of the fund which such high interest is also unknown.

My final thoughts are you should only invest what you can afford to lose on Prime Trade Finance. It’s a risk you should be ready to take as it will not last long where you can source evidence from past HYIP programs like Abasco Investment.

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