Is Legit or Scam? Must Read Before Joining

Is legit or a scam? How does Smart Mula work? Can you earn money online with Smartmula Agencies? Hello and welcome to Online Jobs Updates where I will help you analyze this Kenyan and Ugandan platform to help you under if it’s worth your time or not!

Let’s get started with SmartMula Agencies review!

What is SmartMula?

SmartMula Agencies or simply is a new East Africa based platform which claims to be offering opportunity to make money online.

The website is gaining popularity due to its attractive deals especially in countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Burundi and Rwanda.

Some of its earning features attracting many people are questionable which is the reason for this review to give an honest analysis as to whether Smartmula technologies is worth joing or not.

Quick Overview

Name: SmartMula
Price to Join: 
About $5

How SmartMula Works

Joining Smartmula is not free. There’s a mandatory fee which one must pay which is equivalent to Ksh 450 in Kenya. In other countries the registration fee is as listed below;

  • UGX 15,000 in Uganda
  • ZMW 90 in Zambia
  • TZS 12,000 in Tanzania
  • RWF 4,500 in Rwanda
  • BIF 17,000 in Burundi

The creation of account will not cost you anything, but for you to access the features of the platform, you’ll have to pay the activation fee. The fee is paid once without any renewals. has some similarities with other previous platforms including and Swiftmart Ventures. The model of how these platforms worked is almost a replica of Smart Mula Agencies. Ways of Earning

Smartmula has various ways of making money where referring is the primary method.

Each of these methods of earning legitimacy is questionable especially given that the website has only one source of income which is the joining fee new users pay.

Below we have discussed some of Smart Mula methods of earning;

Referral Program

Smart Mula referral program is available to all active users who want to earn commission when they invite people to join the platform.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll be given a referral link which you can share with your social media followers or friends once they join you get commission.

Additionally, you’ll also earn when your direct referrals invite other people up to the 3rd level. See the table below which shows how much you earn in each Smart Mula referral level;


It is worth noting, that you’ll only earn referral bonus when your downlines activate their account. There are no rewards for free referrals. Since there are no products for sale, it’s clear that Smart Mula is a pyramid scheme.

Watching Youtube Videos

Smart Mula agencies also a youtube video feature where users can watch the videos and make money on certain days. The earning from the videos vary and are also very low. It’s likely you’ll also not get paid since the withdrawal section is independent.

Youtubers, who are interested in increasing the number of views, can also upload their videos to reach out to more people using

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Article Writing

The article writing feature in smartmula, is meant for people interested in making money by showcasing their writing skills.

Whether you write articles and blog posts manually or using AI tools such as Wordhero, there is evident you can make money using the skill.

However, the amount that Smartmula pays article writers is too low that I wouldn’t advise you to write articles on the platform. You may choose to find jobs on other platforms such as Fiverr or start your blog and make money through display ads or affiliate marketing.

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Trivia quiz and Ebooks

Trivia quizzes are available on certain days of the week on You must answer all the questions correctly and within the time given for you to earn. The amount involved is too low and you’ll probably not withdraw due to the minimum limit for trivia earnings.

You can also download free ebooks but there are no earnings involved. However, you can get paid to read books out loud in various legitimate platforms such Audible.

Playing Games

Some of the games you can play on Smartmula and earn few pennies include chess and spinning games.

Chess games are in tournament format where the winner will get the reward. There are two options, you either play against AI or other real players on Smart Mula.

Spinning games are available but you must stake a certain amount to participate. There is a wheel and a pointer. The amount of the multiplier the pointer lands on is what you win or lose.

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How to Create SmartMula Account?

If you wish to join SmartMula you can follow the procedure below;

  • Visit website or use an affiliate link from an already existing active user
  • Head over to the Sign Up page
  • You’ll then be required to enter your details including Username, mobile number, password and more.
  • Once you’ve filled the form completely, click the “Register” button
  • You’ll be redirected to another page prompting you to pay the activation fee to access smartmula features.
  • If you wish to pay, follow the necessary steps which vary depending on your mode of payment.

Note that joining Smartmula is a risk especially if you’re willing to pay the joining fee. We highly advice our readers not to join this platform.

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SmartMula Agencies Login

SmartMula Agencies Login

To Login into your Smart Mula account do the following;

  • Head over to SmartMula Agencies website
  • Click the Login Button next
  • On the page tha follows, fill in your username and password
  • Finally, click the ‘Log In‘ button and you’ll have access to the account.

Withdrawals and Payment Proofs withdrawals can be made anytime you wish provided you’ve reached the minimum payout.

After, rquesting for withdrawal, the money can take a few minutes up to 24 hours before it reflects on your account.

Even though there are many, Mpesa screenshots which act as Smart Mula agencies payment proofs, there’s no guarantee that they do pay all their members.

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Is Legit or Scam? is not a legitimate platform. It has pyramid scheme features which means it only make money when new people register. It has no products for sale. All their methods of earning are depending on new people joining whcih is not sustainable and eventually they’ll Smart Mula agencies will collapse.

However, there are people making money on the Smartmula considering it’s new and was just launched on April 30, 2022. You’ll only make money if you refer other people. Otherwise, if you’re not good at recruitting people don’t join the platform.

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16 thoughts on “Is Legit or Scam? Must Read Before Joining

  1. Why should I first deposit to gain? Since u have already made money from other people, deposit on my MM as a joining fee and after if I want to gain more that’s when I should deposit.

  2. One should be more careful now About all these online platform. Most are not legit. Thanks for this honestly review.

  3. Ok so u follow up most of these online scam jobs right. Forward us some of the legit online jobs we can trust please humbly requesting

  4. Ok so like can you Forward us some of the legit online jobs we can trust please humbly requesting to make some ka money

    1. There are a lot, Joel!
      It all depends on what your interests are, what your budget is and your time!
      I’m thinking of making a tool that helps with this thinking process – would that be something helpful to you?

      Cheers, Henri

  5. I like the fact that,it has clearly stated that “if you a not good in recruiting people to join the business”Don’t join the business.
    So let me keep away from it.

  6. Guys I was almost going to join but then remembered the damn US videos that we used to watch and no payment was made to us, they asked for 30 referrals and after reaching them , they refused to work , I really hate that shit 😡

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