Is Legit? 2022 Full Review

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Getting paid to listen to music is what the Tunegaga promises and many people are registering.

Most countries such as Canada, Australia, South Africa, United States have shown major interest and there’s higher volume of people joining Tune Gaga.

This review helps you understand what is, how it works, how you can earn as a user, if it’s worth joining by analyzing its legitimacy and more.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of TuneGaga. This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

Quick Summary

Name: TuneGaga
Price to Join: 
Free but has Upsells
Recommended: No

Tunegaga review: What is it?

Tunegaga, found online at, is a GPT site where people can earn money by listening to their favorite music playlist. At least that how the owners describe it.

Yes! They claim to pay you to listen which is a little bit different to what we’re used to on Spotify.

It’s not uncommon, people are actually making extra cash by listening to music. Not necessarily on Tune Gaga, but other legit websites are willing to pay people to do so.

They won’t pay you that much, but the few extra bucks might help you buy a cup of coffee.

According to Whois, domain was registered on July 16, 2021 and last updated on September 30, 2021. It is almost 6 months old and therefore we should have realistic data to proof if it’s paying or not.

This post should help you understand all its features and at the end I will give my own opinion on whether it’s worth joining or not!

How it Works

Tunegaga has freemium business model where you can sign up for the free subscription and opt to subscribe to any premium package.

The free trial last for 14 days which there’s a high probability you won’t have attained the minimum cashout amount.

It therefore means you must pay the subscription before you ever withdraw from the platform. They’ve designed it that way to ensure that all the members pay to start earning.

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Ways of Earning

Tunegaga has two main ways through which the members can make money on the platform. There’s the pay per view and also the referral rewards from people invited by you to join the site. Below is an analysis of each of these methods;

Earning watching Music Videos

The amount you earn per view depend on the package you’ve subscribed to where the higher plans pay more. They’ve more than 5 plans some of them are described below

Free Trial Plan

As stated earlier it lasts for 14 days only and you’ll earn $0.4 per view. Since you get 3 paid views daily, you should expect a $1.2 which is $8.40 weekly.

Before the trial period expires, you should have earned $16.8. The minimum payout is about $20 meaning you won’t withdraw on this plan. The only option is upgrading to higher plan.

tunegaga free trial plan

Learner Plan

It costs about $40 annually (depends on your country exchange rates). Here you get 4 paid views daily. You can therefore watch 4 videos and earn $1.6 which is about $11.2. It can therefore take you a month before earning back the upgrade fee.

The daily earning per referral is $0.4 when they watch their videos. This is likely to boost the income especially for people with higher earnings.

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Standard Plan

It costs about $95 which is renewed yearly.

The plan guarantees 10 paid views daily with at least $4 daily income. The monthly earnings are thus about $120. It might take you more than three weeks before you get your investment back.

The daily referral earning is $1 for people subscribed to this plan.

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Premium Plan

The price for this package is $220 billed annually. It guarantees 22 paid views daily at $0.4 each.

The daily income is therefore about $8.8 which is about $264 per month. Again, you need at least 3 weeks to earn back you subscription if you’re only depending on views.

The daily referral return is $2.2 provided the referrals watch the videos and are subscribed to this package.

The packages are so many with mouthwatering deals which attract you to keep on upgrading. The other packages are listed below.

tunegaga get paid to watch music videos
Source: TuneGaga

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Referral program

Tunegaga referral program is depends on the package your referrals subscribe to and also if they’ll watch the music videos.

Free accounts don’t have a referral program. You must upgrade before you start inviting others. The link is found on the dashboard. You can easily track your downlines and the earnings you’re generating.

The earnings are usually daily, about 1% of your referral’s subscribe plan fee. All the details can be found on the premium packages’ description above.

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Who can Join

Tunegaga is open to most members across the world. It’s free to join so there’s no limit to joining. As expected, people of legal age are eligible to join. The packages prices are the major hindrance when it comes to earning on the platform.

How and When to get paid? provides a mix of payment methods with different minimum withdrawal threshold.

Payeer – $20

Perfect Money – $20

There haven’t been many payment proofs which might proof that it’s legitimate.

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Registration and Login

Joining Tunegaga is free, all that is required is your email.

You’ll be automatically be redirected to your Tune Gaga account dashboard. Alternatively, you can login by visiting website and clicking sign in.

NOTE: We don’t recommend people to join Tunegaga

You can then watch the music videos or upgrade if you want.

Is it legit?

Tunegaga is not Legit. It’s a big scam which will definitely collapse and people will lose money. It an exact replica of Boostpal (which scammed people in 2018). Their revenue model is from the subscription fees which the members pay.

Don’t join the platform since it has a lot of red flags. Among them include the lack of owners or management, too good to be true, Ponzi scheme features, no legal documents and more.

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Overall, I would say it’s not worth joining since you can lose both your time watching the music videos and the money used to upgrade the account.

It’s a legitimate work from home job that you can depend on to earn extra income online.

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