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Making money online isn’t always a walk in the park. It is easy to waste your money and time with unrewarding online jobs. That’s the reason why it’s recommended you do thorough research before joining any platform.

This post is a review of, which is one of the latest free online programs. The fact that there’s no subscription fee makes it even irresistible to many people.

According to the MillionN website, users can earn upto $500 per referral every month. With such high returns, I decided to have a look and try understanding whether it’s legitimate or a scam.

In this MillionN review, we explore all its features to understand how it works, if it’s worth joining or a waste of time, and whether they’ve made any payouts.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate of This review is based on research and information available online in the public domain.
Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.

What is

MillionN (or is a free-to-join online platform that claims to give its members a chance to earn money by promoting the platform. The payouts per referral can reach upto 500 bucks. At least that’s the description on the website.

The website is available in two languages, that’s English and Portuguese.

Described as the Money-Makers social network, is on a mission to help people make money and socialize all on the same platform.

But what is the catch?

Do you believe that anyone will reward you $500 for just inviting someone to join a website whose revenue model isn’t clear?

It’s not a realistic model. But let’s have a look at its main features.

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Who owns

So far, the owner or the management team of MillionN is unknown. The hidden identity of the owner raises red flags. Most of the past pyramidal schemes do not reveal their owners.

Perhaps the availability of only two languages on the platform can help you deduce who runs the website. There’s no way of telling, and it’s not worth your precious time.

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How it works

MillionN operates in a simple working model. It’s all about recruiting new members. You cannot earn anything if you don’t invite your friends or any other referral.

One key thing to note is their use of ‘upto’ when expressing the amount you can make with the platform. Suppose I tell you that you can earn up to $100 after promoting a product. All I have done is set the maximum limit you can earn. It is not an assured amount, and you can also have zero returns.

The website has indicated a disclaimer stating ‘Your results are not guaranteed and will depend on several factors. If You are not willing to take action, this may not be for You.’ review how it works

Joining the platform and inviting five people won’t guarantee you $2500 returns. That’s the maximum amount you can make. There’s no indication of the least amount you can earn and what you need to do to attain certain earnings.

For instance, when you join a legit platform like SurveyTime, they’ll indicate that they pay $1 for every survey taken. It’s a transparent website with FAQs pages that help you understand what you’re getting after creating an account.

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Who can join?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the United States, Australia, South Africa, or anywhere else in the world; MillionN is open to everyone.

Since there isn’t a registration fee, almost every one of legal age who can access the internet can join.

Note: We don’t recommend MillionN to anyone who wants to earn money online.

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MillionN withdrawals

Although there’s not sufficient information about withdrawals, it’s clear the earnings are supposed to be disbursed monthly.

They’ve capped the payout limit at $5000, meaning if you exceed this amount, it is rolled over and paid the next month.

We’ve not seen any payment proofs. It’s common practice for members to share screenshots of their payments to create trust. After all, how can you promote something that hasn’t paid anyone?

Payout screengrabs have a positive effect on the trustworthiness of a Make Money website.

For example, the data monetization program like the Tapestri app, which pays you to install an app in your mobile phone, raised its trust after paying its members on 15th November. Similar case with Peer2Profit.

Legit or Scam: MillionN review

We can’t conclude that is a legitimate platform since there is not any proof, and also, the high earnings per referral aren’t realistic or clearly defined how they work. Similarly, there is no proof it’s a scam, especially considering that it cost nothing to sign up.

After analyzing its features, we don’t recommend MillionN to our readers as a legit site to make money from home. Further research is always important to get more opinions and make a smart decision.

Some of the MillionN red flags that we noticed include;

  • Its similarities with other sites such as 5 Billion Sales which has turned to be a disappointment to many people, makes it untrustworthy. The payouts are almost similar, the design of the site, and many other features.
  • The hidden identity of the site owner(s) is common with many pyramidal schemes.
  • Unknown business model, how does the company generate its income? If a company revenue model isn’t transparent, it’s better to avoid it since it’ll scam you or waste your time.

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Now you understand what is and how it works. It’s not worth joining despite being free since they haven’t paid anyone, and you’ll probably waste your time inviting other people to join.

Want to understand MillionN even better? Watch the video below;

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