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In this Onexx review, we will analyze its various features to understand how it works and if it’s a scam or legitimate. This is what we do at Online Jobs Updates; you can check our past reviews and also recommended ways to earn extra income online.

Is a legit work from home job that you can use to make money online? Is it worth joining and investing in or just a waste of time? How does Onexx make money? These are just some of the questions we intend to answer in this unbiased review.

What is Onexx?

Onexx, found online at, is a new site that offers investment plans to its members. They claim to be focusing on both the forex and cryptocurrency market, which is supposedly how they reinvest the money deposited by the clients.

According to Whois, the domain was registered on 19th November 2021; hence it’s still a new website. There hasn’t been much information about it, especially when it comes to whether it pays or not.

It has very similar features to other investment platforms such as swiss-earnings. In the end, Swiss Earnings ended up being a scam which raises a red flag on the legitimacy of Onexx.

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How it works works like any typical HYIP program. They promise extremely high returns on investment within a short period. In the long run most, investors lose their deposits. Investopedia explains what HYIP programs are and how they can scam people.

Onexx investment plans are the bait; there are four different packages members can invest and below is a look at how they work.

Onexx Investment Plans

Plan 1

It’s the cheapest plan, where it has a minimum deposit of $10 capped at $100,000. It has a 0.8% hourly rate lasting for 250 hours. You simply get a 200% interest on your original deposit after 250 hours (10 days and 10 hours period). That’s a high rate of return in any business field, considering the constant rates.

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Plan 2

This plan isn’t very different from Investment Plan 1; the only difference is that the minimum deposit is $1,000, and it has a 1% hourly rate. The maximum deposit is similar to that of 1st plan, which is the case with all the other plans.

It runs for 200 hours, meaning the interest rate is 200%; the difference is that it takes 2 days and 2 hours less than plan 1.  For instance, if you invest $1,500 and get $3000 profit plus principal amount after eight days and 8 hours.

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Plan 3

It has a 1.25% hourly interest rate that runs for 160 hours. With a minimum deposit of $5,000, it simply means after the maturity period (6 days and 16 hours), the investor earns $10000 as the ROI plus the principal.

Plan 4

It’s the highest investment plan. Minimum deposit of $10,000 with a 1.65% hourly ROI for 125 hours. Within the maturity period (5 days & 5 hours), the interest rate is 206.25, translating to $30,937.50 profit if your principal amount is $15000.

It’s clear that the ROI is very high no matter the plan. No business model can guarantee such revenue for any company. Apart from its claim of engaging in cryptocurrency and forex markets, there’s no other known source of income for

So, the big question is, how do they afford to pay such high returns without a stable business model, considering how volatile are cryptocurrencies and forex trading?

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Referral Program referral program

To get more users on the platform, Onexx has an affiliate program to pay their current users a 10% commission of their referrals deposits. A $100 deposit from your downline earns you $10.

They have different types of affiliates; User affiliates, Leader affiliates, and President affiliates.

  • User affiliates Earn a 5% commission from their sales.
  • President affiliates get 10% from each deposit of level 1 referrals, 5% from each deposit made by your level 2, and 3% from each deposit made by your level 3 referrals.
  • Every affiliate starts as a User affiliate, and you can become a Leader affiliate after your partners invest $ 7,000 and a President affiliate after your partners invest $ 70,000.

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Withdrawing of earnings

Many withdrawal methods are offered by, including Bitcoin, perfect money, Ethereum, and more.

Worth noting that there hasn’t been anyone who has been paid by the platform that we know. It might be because Onexx is still a new site, but there’s no way you can prove it. There’s also a possibility that people invested and didn’t get paid. This has happened before with many Ponzi schemes such as Abasco Investment.

Registration and Login

The Onexx registration process requires you to fill the form on their website. Some of the details required include; Name, email, password, etc. The process is free, although you’ve to deposit money later based on the investment plan that you like.

You can also fill in your wallet address which will be the payout method. They have a bunch of them, such as Ripple, Monero, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and more.

To log in, you have to visit the Login page and enter your email and password.

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Is it a Scam or Legitimate?

With its very high-interest rates within a short maturity period, we can conclude that is a scam. Such high returns are usually associated with Ponzi schemes, and given that there aren’t any payment proofs, Onexx legitimacy is questionable.

There are many red flags, including the hidden identity of the owner, similarities with other HYIP programs such as ComexBull, and more.

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