Echecks or online checks are a fast and easy way to pay for things online. They are more secure as they don’t require any personal information and also allow you to choose from your preferred source of payment. Unfortunately, even though they are becoming increasingly popular, they are not available in every online shopping store. Still, there are a few online shopping stores that accept pay with echecks, which I shall be discussing in this article.

How To Pay With Echecks Using Checking Account

To pay with echecks you need to use a checking account. With a checking account, you transfer your check to the online store you want to purchase from. It is a fast and convenient way of shopping online without putting your personal information at risk. There are three main ways to shop with a checking account, they include:

  • Linking the checking account directly to your bank.
  • Linking your checking account to PayPal.
  • Or shopping in stores that accept payment with echecks.

Top Ten Online Shopping Stores That Accept Pay With Echecks

For most online stores although they offer the echeck option it is usually through the use of PayPal such as Walmart. In this article, I shall be focusing on online stores that accept echecks without PayPal (though some offer both options), and online shopping stores that allow echecks as a viable payment option. With that said let’s dive into the list, here are the top ten online shopping stores that accept pay with echecks:


online shopping stores that accept pay with echecks

The first we have on this list is the number one online shop themselves, Amazon. With how big and easily accessible they are it is no surprise that they offer this mode of payment. Amazon aims to make every aspect of your online shopping experience fast and easy, from the browsing of items to the check-out and payment. This is why it comes as no surprise that they have the option of paying with echecks.

A large benefit to Amazon offering this mode of payment is just how big they are and the incredible amount of goods they offer. On Amazon, there is little you’re looking for that you won’t be able to find. With their large selection, you can almost get what you desire while paying for it using echecks.


online shopping stores that accept pay with echecks

Target is another big retail company and one of the online shopping stores that accept pay with echecks. They are a very big retail company in the US that offer wholesale and retail options for purchasing items. They allow payment using echecks under any checking account and that is for every type of goods they offer, the sole exception being gift cards. Not only that, but Target also has multiple payment options where you can use different modes of payment for a purchase. For instance, after a purchase, you can first pay using the first source of money of your choice, then later pay the rest using echecks.


The next on this list of online shopping stores that accept pay with echecks is eBay. They too accept echecks as a means of payment, the only difference is that due to the nature of the site it isn’t always the case. eBay is more like a large online auction house instead of a normal shopping store. On eBay, various sellers can auction items, which range in incredible variety to the general public or specific demographics. Due to this although eBay allows echecks as a means of payment, goods bought using this method will not be shipped until the sellers’ account has been credited.

Another important aspect is that not every purchase will offer this as a payment option. It is dependent on the person selling the item. If the person selling accepts this method of payment, then all is well and good, and if not you can only pay using the option provided. Also for some echeck payments, you might need to pay using PayPal. Echecks are safe and secure, they are becoming increasingly popular as a good means of payment, hence, it is most likely that sellers’ will offer this means of payment.


Wayfair is an American-based e-commerce company that offers a wide variety of furniture and home appliances. Wayfair is a very famous store that offers echecks as a payment option. Their online site has many functions which make shopping pleasant, there is a 3D function that allows you to view your item of purchase within a 3D space to envision how it will look before buying. Their website offers echecks as a payment option and that is with or without the use of Paypal. Simply shop as you would going through the checkout process.


Another online shopping store that accepts pay with echecks. Nordstrom is an online store that sells everyday items such as clothes, shoes, and jewelry. They are a family-friendly store that offers items for any age range. They offer the option to pay with echecks. To complete a purchase you are required to provide the routing number and checking account number.


We have mentioned general retail stores, stores that sell furniture, and stores that sell clothing and fashion items all of which accept echecks as a payment option. Now for an online shopping store that accepts payments through echecks and sells electronics. Dell is the largest computer store that offers echeck as a means of payment. You can shop at dell and pay using the echeck payment at the gateway during the checkout process, and if you have a registered account with them then you shop online and pay using echecks.


Cabela’s is a large retail company that specializes in outdoor equipment such as hunting, fishing, boating, camping, shooting, and other outdoor gear. You can shop at Cabela’s using your checking account. Payment could be made indirectly with Paypal or directly using your online banking website by linking your checking account during the checkout process. With Cabela’s, you can also mail their check if they so desire. Costumers cans submit their order to Cabela’s mail by using the following address;
Order Processing, Cabelas, 2500 E Kearney St., Springfield, MO 65898

Oriental Trading

Another on this list of online shopping stores that accept pay with echecks is oriental trading. They are an online store that focuses mainly on party items. The stores offer payment through PayPal but also through the use of Echecks directly. It is also possible to shop directly through your online banking website.

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is a pretty large and very famous clothing store that offers an incredible variety of cheap and affordable clothing. They are a very famous online clothing store that caters to a wide demographic of people. Fashion Nova offers a wield variety of payment options to its customer and echecks are one of them. They accept echecks along with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. They even have a payment platform called QuadPay, which uses a blockchain for installments that allow you to pay for products in four simple installments within a week or two using a debit card.


The last name we have on this list of online shopping stores that accept pay with echecks is Vistaprint. Vistaprint is an e-commerce company that produces physical and digital marketing products for small businesses. They are also a company that offers high-quality marketing materials for all professionals. They accept several different payment options such as Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Along with these Vistaprint also accepts electronic payment or echecks as a way to pay for goods. They are a very good option for people who buy and pay with a checking account number. To make transfers using echecks, you just need an echecks account issued from the bank. Using the number you can make payment when placing an order, very fast, easy, and reliable.

Echecks: A Safe Method Of Transaction

Other such stores accept payment using echecks such as Walmart, Etsy, Macy’s, etc. The only problem with these (which isn’t a problem) is that you can only use echecks by using them with PayPal. For this list, we decided to focus only on online shopping stores that accept pay with echecks without using PayPal.

Echecks is a safe, reliable, and easy method to make payments online. It is a great option for transferring and receiving money, and it is becoming an increasingly popular method of payment. It works by making payments to a bank or digital wallet. Although echeck is a very safe method of making online transactions, there are still ways to make it safer such as:
Using strong passwords.

  • Do not make purchases on public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Make sure to purchase from safe genuine websites.
  • Never share your account number or information.
  • Do not share your computer or laptops I.e. your devices (only necessary and with people you trust)


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