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Welcome to my Peer2Profit review!

Peer2Profit is a free site that pays its users for sharing their traffic. It’s simply a traffic monetization system where you can share your Wi-Fi or cellular power and earn passive income.

The more traffic you have, the higher the amount you make. In general, you can earn between $100 and $1000 monthly.

I am not saying that you can’t earn more or less, but 100 bucks are possible on the least amount with average effort.

The site is majorly similar to Tapestri app, which is also an anonymous data monetization mobile application. The main difference is that Peer2Profit has been around for a long and paying the users compared to, which is still new.

How Peer2Profit works

Peer2profit pays you for sharing your unused bandwidth. All you are required is to install the Peer2Profit application on your devices and continue with your day-to-day business.

It has a similar working model to the popular Honeygain app. The good news about Peer 2 Profit is that it pays a relatively higher amount for your traffic.

You can install it on as many devices as possible and track their earnings under the ‘my network’ tab on your account. You can maximize your earnings by referring friends to join the platform, explained later in this post.

How to get started

There’s no limit to who can join the site. It’s also free to register and use; thus, you don’t have to invest any amount. Below are the easy steps you should follow to start earning with the app.


  • Visit and click the sign-up button.
  • You’ll be redirected to the registration page, where you’re required to enter your name, password, and email. You can also opt to sign up via Google, which is easier and faster.
  • You can then log into your account, where you’ll see all the features on the website.

Installing the apps

As I had stated earlier, you can install the apps on any device; all you have to do is log in using the device you want to install.

In your account, hover to the option with the Download/Install tab.

You’ll be taken to another page with all the options to download Peer2profit based on your device, whether Windows OS, Android, Linux, etc.

After the app is downloaded, click install and follow the wizard guide. After installation, you’ll be asked to enter the email address you registered with. This way, they can track and credit your earnings in the account.

With the app installed, you’ll be earning passive income when you’re online.

You can see the ‘peer’ that’s the device online, and the traffic (bandwidth) recorded. All these can be seen under the ‘My network’ section in your Peer2Profit account.

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Potential earnings from the installed apps?

The earnings you get all come down to the traffic you’re getting and the rates indicated on the dashboard. Remember, the bandwidth recorded is from the unused internet, which will likely be lower than the actual usage.

Different networks will give you varying earnings, as indicated below. For instance, 1GB cellular traffic will make you around $1. They may vary depending on your location and the uptime. More networks translate to high traffic, which increases the total amount you earn on the platform.

Potential earnings from the Peer2Profit installed apps?

Referral Program

Let’s be honest; it may take you a while before you reach the minimum payout, $10.

It’s therefore important that you share your Peer2profit referral link with your family members and friends. This will increase your earnings and the rate at which you hit the minimum cash out.

You earn 50% of what your referrals networks make. Meaning if you invited five friends and made a total of $20, you’ll get ten bucks.

Note that the earnings won’t be deducted from your downlines’ payments. Instead, Peer 2 Profit will pay you; it’s a win-win situation.

The referral program is free and open to anyone interested in participating. You can also share your link on social media sites or a blog, provided you avoid spamming.

Withdrawing the Earnings

Once you reach the minimum withdrawal ($10), the total earnings from the peers (devices installed) and referrals.

The primary method that you can receive your money is through Cryptocurrency, specifically bitcoin. Under the ‘payout’ tab, enter your bitcoin address and click save. If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet, you can create one using Coinbase or any other Blockchain.

The most important thing to know is that you shouldn’t withdraw any amount less than $10. Otherwise, you’ll the money will be lost and cannot be reversed.

The ratings of the Peer2profit on Trustpilot is 4.2, which is great. It’s the reviews on the site that made me consider joining the platform. People are verifying that it indeed pays; hence it can be interpreted as legit.

How much can you make with Peer2Profit?

According to the website description, you can earn around $100 and $1000 per month as a user. These figures may sound exaggerated, but it’s possible to attain.

The first thing to consider is how many devices you’ve installed the app and how much time they’re online. This highly influences your earnings. The type of network, business, cellular also implicate the pay per 1GB traffic recorded.

Therefore, if you’re under a cellular network that generates at least 30GB monthly, you are likely to earn $30.

The best way to reach $100 monthly is through referring. You get 50% of their earnings. For example, with ten referrals earning a total amount of $150, you’re assured of $75. Maximizing both of the earning strategies will only make you more money.

For more information on how Peer2Profit works watch the video below.


Peer2Profit being a cost-free site to join and use means that you have nothing to lose financially by signing up. Other considerations such as the positive reviews, passive income, various payment proofs make it worth joining. Which is the reason I believe Peer2Profit is legitimate.

However, it’s understandable for the people who aren’t ready to share their data. All the site guarantees safety to a certain degree; there’s no way of verifying the same. I would therefore understand anyone skeptical about the app.

Anyway, most of the apps installed on your phone or PC are probably harvesting your data daily. The only difference is that you aren’t paid, which Peer 2 Profit is already doing. It’s worth a shot.

If you have any questions or feedback, leave a comment below!

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Peer2Profit FAQs

  1. Is Peer2Profit Legit?

    Based on the many positive reviews from its users and the payment proofs being shared, it’s safe to say that Peer2Profit is legit. Being a young site it may take time before we totally agree that it’s not a scam.

  2. Who can Join Peer2Profit?

    The site is open to anyone across the world. Anyone can register but being of legal age is necessary depending on your country.

  3. What’s the cost of joining?

    There are no fees required to be paid during and after registration. It’s absolutely free to get started and use.

4 thoughts on “Alert!! Peer2Profit | Full review | All you should know

  1. peer2profit works and brings money (not much, but it’s noticeably!)
    Made from $5 to $16 every month, but i did literally nothing! You only have to use it on every (no, EVERY!) phone, pc and mac to make more money! the APP uses the Internet, not always, periodically. These periods are the one you are paid for! bur an app must be on all the time. The best is to keep it on always on, even at night. I just leave my laptop on laying on the kitchen’s desk.
    It’s work can be noticeable if you watch the movie in quality, the rest of the time it is simply turned on.
    Used it at Xiaomi Android, with antivirus on. peer2profit did not ask for access to any folders on my phone, to contacts or history of browser. It’s good! The computer does not works more, an app do no harm to HDD or RAM or whtever.
    Tops earn 800-1200 dollars, but they also have a huge affiliate network

  2. The article doubts the legality of the site, but they say that:

    We grant access only to those companies that are verified, identified and accepted the agreements.

    Our numerous analytics systems can guarantee that the power of your router is used legally. We detect and block any violation in real time at the monitoring stage, so suspicious persons cannot connect to your IP address or device as you make money sharing your Internet.

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