Is Social Rebel legit? Alert!!! Must Read before joining

What is Social Rebel? How does Social Rebel work? Is Social Rebel Legit or a scam? Is it worth joining?

Hello and welcome to our website. This post reviews Social Rebel to determine whether it is legit or it is just a fraudulent online site with an intention of wasting your time.

What is Social Rebel?

Social Rebel, found online at, claims to be an online platform that gives opportunity to its users to make money from home. Being a free site, it has attracted a lot of traffic across the world.

How Social Rebel Works

Social Rebel has distinct earning methods, including answering surveys, sign up bonuses, referral earnings, and more.

Registration is free, where you’re required to fill up a form with your details such as username, email, etc.

Yes. After signing up, you’ll get a $50 bonus which, unfortunately, you’ll probably never withdraw.

how social rebel works
Source: Socialrebel

You can then start exploring the features on the site. You’ll access all the methods of earning, which have been explained later in this article.

Although the SocialRebel is free to join, you might end up wasting a lot of time doing the tasks without any payment.


Taking surveys is awesome, especially when you take them from legitimate sites like Survey Junkie or Vindale research jobs. You get paid to share your opinion.

However, Social Rebel surveys are quite different.

The problem is not on the number of surveys you get; they’re actually available in high numbers, as you can see on the ‘Offer Center’ section on

The surveys are updated regularly, at least after every 24 hours. Qualification for surveys will depend on your geographic location, gender, age, and other factors.

You might take the surveys, but you’ll start experiencing challenges when withdrawing your earnings. Long and tedious surveys are definitely not worth your precious time, given that the chances of getting paid are very low.

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Installing Apps

There are App installation offers for members using Social Rebel on their mobile phones (iOS or Android). All that’s needed is to click the offer and install the apps.

Again, the pay-per-installed app is very high, just like the other paid surveys. But the earnings aren’t sent to your preferred payout method instantly; you’ve to wait.

In the end, you’ll have installed many apps that will collect much data from your device and earn nil.

There are legitimate free companies like Fusion Cash that pay you to complete offers such as answering emails, installing apps, and signing up into different sites. However, the Socialrebel offers are nothing but a waste of time since there’s no payment.

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Referral program

The referral program is the most important feature, the backbone of the entire Social rebel platform.

It’s a strategy used by most pyramidal schemes to attract as many people as possible to join their platform. Socialrebel has unrealistically utilized the referral program.

They give you a referral link that you can share with your friends or your social network. For every click your link gets, you’ll earn $2. When they register using your link, you get an extra $20 per sign-up.

Given the business model of Social Rebel, the referral earnings are exaggerated to entice you into inviting as many people as possible. The earnings will reflect on your site, but the chances of ever cashing out are very minimal.

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Can you withdraw?

The short answer is Social Rebel does not pay. You’ll make money on the site through an app installation, market research surveys, or the referral program, but they won’t send you the money.

It’s a waste of time, and it might be so late before you realize the platform’s tactics. They start by giving you tasks that you might accomplish before requesting for payout.

does social rebel pay

For instance, they might say you must invite a certain number of people to the site or complete specific tasks. These are tactics to ensure you stick by the site.

When it’s time to cash out your earnings, states that you must wait for a month before receiving the money. Eventually, you won’t receive any amount.

Legit or Scam

Social Rebel is a big scam that will waste your time without any returns. The revenue model of the site cannot sustain the high payouts gives to its users. You’ll probably not lose money on the site since it’s free, but you can be certain that you will not withdraw either.

The company is not registered, and various red flags prove it’s a fake site, such as;

  • The owner’s identity is unknown
  • High similarities with other scam sites like SurveyJ
  • Lack of legal documents from any regulatory service.
  • Unrealistic payments such as the two bucks per click on the referral link are practically impossible given it’s not even an advertising company.

Conclusion on Social Rebel review

Based on the information highlighted in this review and the experience of many people who have joined the platform, Social Rebel is not worth joining. They’ll never pay you at all, and there’s a probability of you losing money. It’s not a legitimate work from home job that you can use to make passive income.

Still not sure if is a scam, watch the video below;

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3 thoughts on “Is Social Rebel legit? Alert!!! Must Read before joining

  1. I have been in social rebel for a long time. I received an email today saying that I could cash out, but I can’t. I noticed it keeps showing others who have cashed out with a lot less money than me. Then, I read the reviews, not 1 good review out of so many called social rebel truthful!!!!!😠

  2. I have $500 dollars but can’t withdraw..
    The site is telling me to wait until my invited persons invite others and strat doing some task.. This damm

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