Swiftmart Ventures Review 2022: How it works

 I have received a number of your emails requesting a review about Swiftmart. Consequently, I decided to look deeper into it and after carrying out sufficient research, I have written this article to help you understand what it entails. It will be easier for you to determine whether Swiftmart is a scam or a legitimate platform after you have read this article.

What is Swiftmart Ventures?

Swiftmart Ventures is a referral-based program that operates in 5 different countries, that is, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. Based on my research, I also noticed that Swiftmart also offers other services, such as spinning, trivia quizzes and blogging. All of these extra services are meant to help you earn more income as a member of Swiftmart ventures.

swiftmart ventures

How does Swiftmart Ventures works?

You are required to pay activate your Swiftmart account with Kshs 550 (Kenyan shilling) as soon as you create you account. This registration fee is a one-time fee and there are no renewals. There are different ways through which you can earn as a member of Swiftmart.

How do you earn with Swiftmart Ventures?

Below I have given a brief description on how you can earn as a member of Swiftmart ventures.

1. Through Referrals.

When you join Swiftmart ventures, you will get your own unique referral link that will help you refer other people who are interested in joining Swiftmart ventures. You will earn in three levels and the amount per level varies as described below:

Level 1; In this level, you will earn through your direct referrals. Direct referrals are people who join through your link and pay the Kshs 450. You will earn Kshs 300 per direct referral in this level. Your earnings will reflect in your account as soon as your referral(s) activate their account. There is no limit to the number of referrals you are allowed to invite.

Level 2; When your referral in level 1 invites another person using his/her link, you will earn Kshs 150. You will earn the amount per referral referred by any of your direct referrals in level 1 to infinity.

Level 3; When someone in your level 2 refers someone else, you will earn Kshs 50.

swiftmart ventures referrals

NB: Referring is the major way of earning, the other methods described below will just help you earn very little amount. If you don’t have a big network or you aren’t ready to refer, I would advise you to avoid joining Swiftmart. Otherwise it will end in tears.

2. Spinning

Swiftmart offers you a chance to spin and win. There are two types of spins, one is free and the other requires you to stake before you spin.

a) Welcome spin: This is a free spin and you will get it as soon as you register. You should spin the wheel immediately you join as a new member. Otherwise you will not be able to spin it after. It is only available when you are a new member and after that you will be required to do the casino spin described below.

b) Casino spin: This is the type of spin where you will be required to stake a certain amount from Kshs 20 and then spin the wheel. Note that it is similar to betting and you can lose your money or win as well. Bet responsibly.

swiftmart ventures spinning

3. Trivia Quizzes

These are questions which are timed and come on a specific time. If you answer them correctly you will be paid. You must be fast when answering and accurate, otherwise you will not earn anything through the trivia quizzes. The amount earned is Kshs 50. Note that this is not a guaranteed way of earning.

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swiftmart ventures trivia questions

4. eBooks

Although you will not directly earn through the eBooks offered by Swiftmart ventures, you can download the eBooks in pdf format and sell them and your own price to anyone who is interested. Otherwise you can download them and since they are business plans eBooks, use them to generate start your own business.

5. Others (blogging, discounted airtime)

In addition to the ways listed above, you can earn through blogging, where you will be required to write articles and the more the articles are read, the higher the chances of earning. You can also buy airtime using Swiftmart at a discounted price, usually at 10% discount.

swiftmart ventures blogging

Is Swiftmart registered?

As I was carrying out research, I came across a certificate showing that Swiftmart is a registered enterprise and I have attached it below. This does not mean that I have its registration claims. You can verify it and then decide whether you want to join or not.

Swiftmart ventures Pros

  • It has relatively low joining fee.
  • You can make withdraw your earnings anytime you like.
  • It is available in five different countries.
  • You can withdraw either via Mpesa or chipper cash.

Swiftmart venturesCons.

  • It does not offer any physical products which might make it sound like a pyramidal scheme.

The main way of earning is through referrals which is difficult for a lot of people.

How to join swiftmart ventures?

If you are interested in joining swiftmart and you have Kshs 450 joining fee, follow the steps below;

Step 1: Registration

Click here to create your swiftmart account.

Fill the registration and click register

Step 2: activating your account

To activate your swiftmart account, you are required to pay the Kshs 450 registration fee.

Step 3: Login into your account

As soon as you pay the joining fee, your account will be active and you can login into your account and copy your referral link.


Based on description above, I am sure you can easily deduce whether Swiftmart ventures is the right platform for you or not. Take your time to make a personal decision so that in case of anything, you will be fully responsible.

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