Swiss Earnings Investment | 2022 Review

In this Swiss Earnings Investment review, we’re going to analyze the company’s features and answer the question of whether it’s a legitimate or a scam.

Is it a legit work from home job that you can use to make money online? Is it worth joining? How does the company make money? These are some of the questions we’ve tried answering in this post.

How Swiss Earnings works

Swiss Earnings, found online at, deals with investment, and according to the description on the website, it’s a gold exploration company. It also indulges in the trading of various financial assets such as forex and other stocks. It’s through this method that they generate revenue that aid in paying the returns to the investors.

It offers extremely high returns on investment which wouldn’t be possible considering its suggested business model is prone to market prices changes. There are high chances that Swiss Earnings is a pyramidal scheme that uses the new members’ deposits to pay the old members.

Some of the platform’s main features are discussed below in detail to help you make an appropriate decision and avoid losing money.

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Investment Plans

Swiss Earnings has six investment plans where members can deposit and earn interests after a certain period. The plans vary in interest rates, where plans that require a high deposit amount give more returns. Below is a summary of each of these plans.

Plan 1

It’s the cheapest plan available to invest as low as $30 and a maximum of $99. There is a 25% return on investment which runs for 24 hours. The highest net profit one can get in this plan is $24.75 after making the maximum deposit.

Plan 2

This investment plan also has a 24 hours duration before maturity with a 40% interest rate on the deposit. The minimum deposit you can make is $100, which gives a $40 net profit after maturity. Similarly, the highest deposit amount is $499, which has a net profit of $199.60. Any deposit within that range will experience the same returns.

Plan 3

The maturity period of plan 3 is 48 hours after investing. The lowest deposit one can make is $500, which results in another $500 as profit. It’s as if they’re doubling your funds within such a short period. The 100% interest is what ensures that your deposit is double as long as it’s within the range. This is one of the things that make swiss earnings an HYIP.

Plan 4

Plan 4 has no maximum deposit limit; one can invest as much as possible. However, there is a $1000 minimum deposit in this plan. The return rate is 150% after 48 hours, which is even more than plan 3, resulting in many questions about how can generate such revenue to pay the huge interests.

Plan 5

It has a 200% return on investment after 72 hours (3 days). Like Plan 4, there’s no maximum limit on the deposits. The lowest amount you can deposit is $1500, translating to $3,000 net profit after the maturity period. They’re simply tripling your deposits after only three days.

Plan 6

It is the highest plan available which gives a 250% interest on all investments above $5,000. The return period is also 72 hours, like Plan 5. Try calculating the profit of any amount using the Quick calculator provided on the website. The figures you get will make you realize how much Swiss Earnings is exaggerating the figures.

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Affiliate Program

Swiss Earnings has an affiliate program where members give a referral link that they can use to invite other people to join the company.

The affiliate commission is given when the referred users make a deposit, usually 10% of the total deposits.

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Scam or Legit

With the high-interest rates that the platform is offering, we can conclude that Swiss Earnings investment is a scam. The high returns are practically impossible, and even if they were, the constant interest in all plans is questionable. Even trading financial instruments price varies; there cannot be a constant opening and closing price every day.

Red Flags

Even though there are legitimate ways to make money from home, Swiss Earnings is not one of them as it raises a lot of red flags as listed below;

  • According to, the Swiss earnings domain was registered on 24th February 2021. When you visit their website, they say that the domain has been registered for four years. Such discrepancies shouldn’t be available on a financial website.
  • The high returns go against any normal investment program. All businesses experience losses. However, based on the constant interest in the investment plans, doesn’t seem to be experiencing losses.
  • The company has many similarities with past HYIP, which ended up collapsing and scamming most of its investors. A good example is Abasco Investment.
  • Swiss Earnings members have been complaining in various forums that the platform does not honour withdrawals requests. The deposit process is smooth without any challenges, but when it comes to requesting a payout, the problems begin.

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4 thoughts on “Swiss Earnings Investment | 2022 Review

  1. My Name is Edward Marcus I’m invester on Swiss earning company.

    Started to invest with this company with minimum of $30
    After 24hr I received my profit$ 7 which make $37 .
    I feel like I want to invest on plan2 for $100 I sent $ 100 to their wallet address
    After that I got profit of $140 I requested withdrawal of $72 is shows like is pending
    Without waste of time I started to chat with Director DR BEN regarding my withdrawal is were they demand $300 for insurance fee. 😭😭😭Don’t invest guys

    1. I keep getting paid in Swiss-earnings, why did you write this about them?

      Anyways, i don’t think you understand the system, did you even invest at all

  2. It is happening to me on swiss-earnings, once I reached $5540 demanded a withdraw, they are asking me to pay $300 for insurance which I don’t have now. Whoever have this experience to explain if for instance is true to receive the amount. What is this surely? Anybody to assist me on this

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