Tapestri App review: All you should know (2022)

Tapestri is a new free app that pays its users for their anonymous data information. The data collected by this app is just the usual one that most free apps collect; the difference is with Tapestri App, you get paid.

This review explains how Tapestri works, how you can earn with the app, who can join and whether it’s worth joining or not.

How Tapestri App Works

Tapestri app is free to download and use. It might seem to be just another ordinally app; it’s not. The app’s main objective is to pay you for the anonymous data it collects from your app.

Many free apps are already collecting your data and selling it to the highest bidders, making them millions. Sadly, you rarely turn a profit when your data information is stolen. Tapestri app aims to solve this problem by paying you every month you install their app.

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Tapestri App Earning Ways

You can earn with Tapestri app in two main ways; by installing the app on your phone or through its affiliate program. You can make money with both methods simultaneously or choose the one you’re comfortable with. Below is an explanation of how each of these earning ways works;

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1. Installing the App

Users will earn $5-$25 per month provided they install Tapestri on their device and the location in the app set to Always. The amount varies based on the period you installed it and probably the geographic location of the user.

Since the app is free, the only cost you might experience is your data being harvested daily. However, this has been happening every day. So, provided that the app is secure with a clear privacy policy, it is worth a shot.

2. Affiliate Program

Tapestri affiliate program pays users commission when they invite others to use the app. It is divided into two commission levels (tiers). Each of these tiers is described below:

Tier 1

You’ll earn $1 per person who joins the app using your affiliate link in this tier. For instance, you’ll make a total of $20 for recommending the Tapestri app to 20 people. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can have as a Tapestri affiliate.

Tier 2

In tier 2, you’ll earn when your direct referrals in tier one recommend the app to other people. The earnings in this level are $1 per tier 2 referral.

It means if your 20 referrals in level 1 invite four people (a total of 80 people), you’ll make $80. Similarly, there’s no limit to the number of tier 2 referrals you can have.

We’re just making assumptions about the referrals you can invite. Some people can invite 100+ people in a month. On the other hand, some don’t like marketing as it drains so much energy. The good thing is that Tapestri has got you covered with assured few bucks every month for just installing their app.

Becoming a Tapestri affiliate is not free; you’ve to pay a $9.95 subscription fee monthly. However, your referrals won’t have to pay anything for you to earn the $1 bonus; they just have to download and install the app for free.

Since the app has not been released, Napster has a discount for affiliates who would like to become Founding Members. You just have to pay the $9.95 subscription fee and get the next 12 months free if you join before it’s released.

3. Tapestri Super Affiliate.

If, as an affiliate, you refer at least ten direct affiliates, you’ll qualify to be a Tapestri Super Affiliate. This applies to each month which helps you get more earnings due to the bonuses.

Super affiliates benefit from users who download and use the app without being invited (commonly known as ‘Orphans’). They are assigned to the super affiliates, increasing their referral earnings.

Tapestri Super Affiliates also get a 50% bonus on all affiliates and super affiliates in the 1st and 2nd tiers. This compensation plan is one of the best if at all it will work. Take a scenario where you have a super affiliate earning $300 monthly; you’ll make 50% ($150), which is good ROI.

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A Brief History of Tapestri

Walter Harrison is the founder and the mind behind the app. He is currently the CEO of Complementics (which is a Data Monetization company).

Complementics is managing data from over 500 million devices anonymously, excluding Personal Identifiable Information, PPI.

He wants to bring similar technology to the Tapestri app with great concern for the users’ privacy. The company can monetize the data through this strategy, and the users will get paid monthly for its collection.

Who can Join?

Tapster is open to everyone around the world. There’s no test or approval process for you to be a member. As soon as you download the app and install you start earning. It’s free to join for users who are willing to share their data.

There are high chances high returns will be rewarded to people who reside in top tier countries such as the USA, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. This is because advertisers in such countries bid high for data compared to other countries.


Tapestri is a great opportunity for many people across the world. Its business model is still in question, and we can conclude whether it’s a scam or legitimate after it’s released.

Investing the $9.95 is a risk you should take if you trust the app plus, if you become an affiliate now, you get 12 months free. You can use it for and pocket between $5 and $25 at the end of the month.

Testing the app will help you make an informed decision on whether to be an affiliate or not.

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11 thoughts on “Tapestri App review: All you should know (2022)

  1. Hello everyone,

    My name is Peter Rasborg and I’m very interested in becoming a super affiliate so if you could please confirm what the next step would be if I can install the state recommending people I’m ready to start ASAP my email is rasborg@yahoo.com / Ph# +1281-736-3653 I live in Houston Texas USA

    1. Hi Peter I would be happy to share this opportunity with you.
      You can go to tapestri.io/retire62 for more info and to join if you feel inclined to do so. Have a great day!!

    1. I hav a friend to craftedly fwd her username and password to me. She forgotten that I was a programmer and understand the marketing tier system. Like most marketing paradigm it takes alot of time and skill to make a satisfactory return….akin to the more doors u knock on the better the outcome. But there’s a saturation point. Nothing new with this except the platform. I hope my friend does well whichever endeavor she pursues.

  2. i left my email, obviously, for more information. Now it is becoming online i have tried to log in using my email but i cant. It says i am already registered but when i try to reset password i get “Password Reset Failed!

    We were unable to send your reset password email at this time. Please try again later.

    To ensure reception of our emails, please whitelist noreply@tapestri.io with your email provider and add us to your contact list.

  3. i cannot reset my password either so i just uninstalled the app on my phone. i don’t know what is going on. i have had it since octoberbut never got paid and i am nervous because i gave my info to the company SWIPE which is supposed to pay you. i got nothing but worry now. who has my information.

  4. I believe Tapestri.io is safe. At first I was having issues logging in to my account, but after going through the review I found in one research site. I realized the reason it’s not logging in, and resolved the issues.
    They are really doing great in Data Monetization.

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