What is Teespring and How Does it Work

Are you wondering what is Teespring and how it works?

This post will help you undestand the buy and sell platform and how you can leverage your designing skills on it and make extra income online.

What is Teespring?

Teespring is a company that allows people to create and sell t-shirts online. You can choose from a variety of templates or upload your own design and start selling right away.

Teespring takes care of everything, including printing, shipping, and customer service. Once you’ve sold a certain number of shirts, you’ll receive all the profits for that design.

It was founded in 2011 by Walker Williams. The company was originally created to help designers find new customers, but has since become much more than that.

At first, the site was only opened to those with invitations from Walker himself. It quickly expanded to include all artists, which resulted in an increase in popularity for the site. In 2013, Teespring opened up shop internationally for the first time.

It all began when Williams started designing t-shirts for himself, but would receive requests from strangers to make shirts for them too. T-shirt orders then grew from 3 per week to 75 per day.

They quickly realized there was a much bigger market than just selling designs for themselves, and so they created an online platform for anyone who wanted to design their own t-shirts and have customers buy them.

How does Teespring work

The platform has an interface where people can design, preview, and order their shirt. After choosing the design, they need to choose a pre-made campaign or create one of their own.

If they choose to create one of their own, they can customize the name of the campaign as well as how many shirts will be printed for each size and color.

They also need to set the price for each shirt, add some photos and product information about themselves, and then post it on Teespring. People who are interested in buying from this campaign can browse through all of the different campaigns on the site and purchase a shirt for themselves if they want one.

In summary Teespring works this way;

  • You register on the website,
  • Create your own shirt design,
  • Set the price
  • Announce when the shirts will be available for purchase.
  • When you have enough preorders, Teespring will print the shirts for you and send them out to the people who purchased them.

Who can Join Teespring

Anyone can join Teespring. Your geographical location shouldn’t limit you to becoming a user on the platform. So whether you’re in the United States, Canada, Africa, Europe or any other place you can sign up as a member. People of legal age are around to participate. Supervision by adult is required when you’ve not attained the elligible age in your country.

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How to join Teespring

Being a free and legitimate website, you may as well try Teespring if you’ve T-shirts designs that are unique and wish to showcase and make money.

The registration process is simple and quick as highlighted below.

  • Visit Teespring.com website
  • Click ‘Start creating‘ button
  • You’ll be redirected to a sign-up page
  • Enter your Brand name, email address and strong password.
  • Then click the ‘Sign Up‘ button which will create your account

You can then login after confirming your email address.

Alternatively, you can signup directly via Facebook, your google or YouTube account.

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How do you Get Paid on Teespring

Teespring has two methods of payment, Payoneer and PayPal. You have to enter your favorite payout mode. Since there are countries where PayPal isn’t available, payoneer would be a great alternative.

The waiting period from the time you request for payout to when they’re credited to your account usually range between 1 and 7 working days. For new sellers who are receiving the first payment, it will take 7 working days.

Does Teespring make you pay?

No. Teespring is completely free to use and hence there are no upfront costs or anyother hidden fees.

Does Teespring own your design?

They don’t own your design provided it’s authentic. It shouldn’t exist anywhere or infringe upon the rights of a third party owner.

Where does Teespring get their products?

Teespring products are printed in different screen-printing facilities in different locations. A seller has to reach the minimum printable T-shirts that are pre-ordered.

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