We all know the feeling. You send a payment, and it’s supposed to go through. But it doesn’t, Cash App is a very popular mobile payment app that lets you send and receive money, pay your bills, and more. But sometimes, you might not be able to make payments through the app and your payment is left pending. This blog post aims to give the 5 common answers to the question “Why Is My Cash App Payment Pending?”

why is my cash app payment pending

There might be several reasons why your payment is pending. As a result, we were unable to propose one-size-fits-all answers because each had its own set of issues. We’ll go over all of the various reasons why it’s Pending and how to finish the payment. This is why Cash App does not provide a troubleshooting guide, instead stating: “Follow the steps outlined in your activity feed to complete the payment”. It is a bit broad yet makes sense because everyone has their specific issue.

What does it Mean When Cash App says Pending?

When you see the word “Pending” on your Cash App payment, that means that the transaction is being processed and will be completed soon. If you see this message while making a payment, it’s important to note that there are some exceptions:

  • The person receiving the money may have changed their mind about receiving it.
  • Your bank may have blocked payments from your debit card or other cards as part of its security measures.
  • There could also be an issue with either party involved in making transactions through Cash App; for example, if one person forgot their password or doesn’t have enough funds available in their account balance when trying make a purchase with Cash App, this would cause an error message saying “Failed” instead of showing up as “Pending.”

Why is my Cash App Payment Pending – Top Reasons

Why is your Cash App payment pending?

When you send a payment through Cash App, it can take a little bit of time for it to get fully processed. This is great news for you! If your Cash App payment is pending, it means that the transactions hasn’t been fully processed yet. There are several possible reasons for this, and we’ll explain the 5 most common ones below:

1. Security Issue

First and foremost, it might be due to a security issue with your account. This is usually due to an error with your email address or account password.

Also, if you have a card that’s been flagged for fraud or if your phone number has been flagged as possibly fraudulent, you may not be able to send or receive money from Cash App until the problem has been corrected.

To address the issue, simply follow any actions that are clearly stated in your activity feed.

2. Incomplete Transaction

Your Cash App payment may be delayed because the transactions has not yet been completed. The online payment service reserves payments in certain situations if it detects fraudulent activities and this might be the case.

To complete the transaction, you must follow the instructions described in your activity feed. If it appears that your account has been compromised, Cash App may hold on to your money till it’s resolved.

There are ways to expedite the release of funds and allow the payment to go through by following the instructions in your activity feed or contacting the Cash App support.

3. Unaccepted Payment

Pending payments on direct deposits using Cash App indicates that the receiver has not yet received or accepted the payment.

To accept the pending payments, go to the “Activity” section, click the “Pending” tab, and then click “Accept.” The initial transaction requires Cash App to wait for the payment to be completed, and you must manually accept the payments.

In the “Pending” section. The Cash App pending payment might be accepted or denied by the receiver. When you opt to settle a payment using the Cash App, the transactions are virtually instantaneously visible. However, on rare occasions, it may appear as Pending Payment.

When you send a payment and it doesn’t get credited to your Cash App recipient. Instead, you get a message that your transaction is “Pending.” If a Cash App payment says “Pending” in your feed, this means your money is stuck somewhere between your account and the account you’re trying to send it to.

For first-time users, you need to manually accept the payments Under the “Pending” Tab. Go to the “Activity” tab, there you will find all pending transactions listed under the “Pending” tab. To accept the pending payments and receive the money in your Cash App wallet, click the green “Accept” button next to the payee.

4. Payment Limitation Exceeded

For unverified accounts, Cash App allows you to transfer up to $250 in each 7-day period and receive up to $1,000 in any 30-day period. If you attempt to make or receive a payment that exceeds those restrictions, you will be prompted to extend those limits by authenticating your account, and any payments sent during that limitation period before resetting may be shown as “Pending.”

5. Technical Issue

If we assume that all the issues listed above are not the case and that everything is within the parameters, there might be a technical issue with connectivity, inadequate balance, or other constraints to process your payment in a timely manner.

If an inadequate balance is a problem you can take a look at our article on how to borrow money from Cash App, it’s really easy.

How Long Does a Pending Payment Take on Cash App?

A pending Cash App Payment might take from a few minutes to several days, as there is no set the time period. A “Pending” direct deposit on Cash App is normally executed within 4-5 business days.

Can You Cancel a Pending Transaction on Cash App?

If you have a pending payment in Cash App, there are likely some reasons why.

The most common reason is that your payment was sent but it hasn’t been processed yet. This can happen if the recipient isn’t available at the time of payment, other times, there might be an issue with their bank account.

While it is not possible to cancel a pending transaction on Cash App, you can contact the customer support team of your bank and resolve the issue.

Why is my Cash App Payment Pending – The Conclusion

When a payment is displaying as “Pending”, it might signify that some action is required from your end and you need to follow the procedures described in your activity feed to execute the payment. If this doesn’t solve the problem, try one of the other solutions suggested in this article.

If a payment you sent is still pending, it implies the recipient did not receive it. If this happens to you, don’t be alarmed; it can be fixed. As previously stated, Cash App payments are normally accessible instantly in most circumstances. As a result, Cash App pending payments are uncommon.

Hopefully this guide has been helpful in explaining the various reasons why your payment might be pending, and how to go about resolving them. If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave us a comment or contact the Cash App support.

Overall, Cash App is an amazing service. It has gone above and beyond expectations and saves tons of time from going to the bank and waiting in line to just deposit a check. If you have an account, we recommend downloading their app and signing up to transfer your paycheck.

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