WordHero AI Content Writer | A Must Read Review

WordHero is an AI content writer with more than 50 tools to help you as blogger, advertisers, freelance, digital marketer create content as fast as possible.

There are many reviews out there about WordHero with different conclusions. I have decided to write one which I believe will be of much help especially to those who are still wondering if it’s worth it.

The aim of these review is to test most of WordHero AI writing tools and attach the output so that you understand what you’re getting into.

I have already purchased the unlimited lifetime deal for the Long Form Wordhero Editor. This means that I can write as many words as possible with the AI without further charges. The content is not plagiarized and it has a flow for most cases.

Lemme take you through each and every feature of wordhero!

WordHero AI Features Analysis

Currently, WordHero has around 59 writing tools which you can use to create content based on your fields. Below we will highlight most of these tools and attach the output;

Blog Content Writing Tools

WordHero has a number of blog post or article writing tools that can help you come up with a well written content. They include, Blog conclusions, Headlines, Paragraph, Outlines and my favorite which is Long Form editor.

Blog Paragraph

This tool will generate a paragraph when you enter a description and keywords. The quality of the content is very high. It’s an improvement of the Blog Intro tool. We decided to test with a question Is Nanocad open source’ and below is the output:

wordhero ai

After clicking write for me again on the same topic the following was produced;

Nanocad, a 3D printing software application, is available under the GNU General Public License. This means that anyone can use and modify the program for their own purposes. The source code is also available on GitHub, so anyone can review and contribute to Nanocad’s development.

Source: WordHero Blog Paragraph

Note that you can use the Long Form editor (to be discussed later) to write a whole article. I just like the blog paragraph tool when answering quick questions or topics.

Blog Headlines

This tool will aid you to come up with attention-grabbing headlines for your article. When testing the tool I got the following output with the topic as ‘Is Toptal Legit’

wordhero ai blog headlines

Another Headline Input: What is Affiliate Marketing


What is affiliate marketing and how can you use it to grow your business?

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

How to get started with affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work?

3 Simple Tips to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

The Top 5 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Blog Outlines

This will help you generate outlines for your blog. I rarely use without the longform editor so might as well talk about on that section. All it gives you are headlines that should be contained in your article. For example

Input: Carmax review


Introduction: CarMax is a national car dealership that offers a wide variety of used cars.

Introduction: CarMax is a popular car buying destination.

CarMax review: what to expect when you go there.

CarMax pros: what they do well.

CarMax cons: what could be improved.

Conclusion: Is CarMax the best choice for car buying?

Long Form Editor

wordhero ai long form editor

The Wordhero Long Form editor is without doubt the favorite tool for most users. You can write a 2000+ article or blog post without any struggle. I do use it and I can vouch for it.

All you have to do is enter the title of your article or blog post you wish to write and then you can generate the blog outlines and paragraphs with jsut a click of a button.

The output usually depend on the topic you want to write about. Watch the video below of Wordhero Editor in action and how you can write long form content.

All the short form tools are usually integrated on the editor and hence you can easily generate the best content with the tool.

You can easily create a new document, save and open previously written articles on the editor.

The Write more button on the editor will help you write more content if a paragraph is not enough. It is this tool that will help you write as many words as you wish for your blog.

The downside is that like almost all AI tools using GPT-3, the content may be repeated as you write. It’s therefore advisable you read as the content is written by wordhero editor.

Also, some topics under the YMYL category may need fact checking to avoid wrongfully advising people.

This tool is essential for bloggers, freelancers and any other person interested in writing long articles.

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Listicles tool

This will help you write the Top10, Best type of articles. For example it can be ‘Top 5 Online Jobs that pay daily’

The output will be an a list which you can use with the long form editor to write an article. I have used this tool and it’s exceptional. Perhaps it may vary with your niche but so far so good.

Quora Answers

Quora is a great forum where most people answer people question with different views. Wordhero can help you generate those answers. All you have to do is fact check and then respond to the questions. Apart from helping people, answering Quora questions can make you money.

Quora answers

Song Lyrics composer

If you’re a musician or a composer of songs then Wordhero AI might help. All you have to do is enter a description of what your song is about and then the lyrics will be generated.

I haven’t used this tool since it’s for composers. Perhaps you can give it a trial , who knows it may turn out great?

Startup Ideas

This tool inspires people who are trying to come up with startup ideas especially if it’s a SaaS business.

They also have a tool which can generate irresistible startup elevator pitches. Also you can come up with slogans and value proposition for your startup business. All these tools are available in wordhero.

Content Rewriter

This tool helps you rewrite existing content. The quality of the output varies with with the input. It is hard to come to a conclusion.

The positive is that the rewritten content come in different options. You can always choose the one you like. The maximum number of characters you can rewrite is 380.

Product Reviews

With this tool you can review a product by just entering the Name and a short description. I did try using WordHero as the product and below is what the AI wrote.

product reviews wordhero.co ai

Other Wordhero Tools

There are many tools which we cannot analyze within one article. Since they have no free trial, you can request the team to send you a sample of the content written with either of the tools. Alternatively, you can contact me and I will send you a sample. The lifetime deal on appsumo can be used to test and if you don’t like it, you can request for a refund. Other tools available are;

  • Amazon Product Descriptions
  • Analogy Provider
  • Book Descriptions and Titles generator
  • Brand Name Ideas Generator
  • Cold Emails writer
  • Cover Letters writer
  • Explain it like A Child
  • Explain it like A Professor
  • Facebook Ad copy writer
  • FAQs writer
  • SEO Descriptions
  • Social Media Bio
  • Social Media Post Ideas

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How much does WordHero cost?

The cost depend on whether you’re interested in buying the lifetime deal on Appsumo or the monthly renewal.

Lifetime Deal on Appsumo

Here you get unlimited words for a lifetime. You’ll pay once.

Monthly/Annually renewal deal

You get unlimited number of words but you’ve to either pay monthly fees or annual fees.

Conclusion: Is WordHero worth it?

WordHero is worth it and I can recommend it. It can help most writers, bloggers, freelancers and advertisers in coming up with eye-catching content or ad copy. The lifetime unlimited deal is worth it as you’re not limited to the number of words you can write with the AI.

WordHero AI FAQs

Does WordHero have a free trial?

No. Wordhero does not have a free plan.

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