ySense 2022 review: Get paid to complete surveys, how it works

People are always looking for simple and quick ways through which they can earn extra income online. One of the ways includes online surveys, where people earn by completing simple tasks. Although there are thousands of online surveys websites, finding one that is legit with frequent survey tasks is hard. As a result, I have decided to write this article about ySense.



ySense is a website that pays you to answer questions, complete surveys, refer others, complete simple tasks, watch videos, etc. As a member of ySense, all you are required to do is to log in regularly and complete as many surveys as you can.

The good thing about ySense is that it is free to join. There is no sign-up fee. Also, compared to other common survey websites, which usually allow people from a specific geographic region to join, ySense is available worldwide. So, it does not matter whether you are from India, Canada, Kenya, Nigeria, or any other place, since ySense has got you covered.

How you will earn money with ySense

1. Surveys

Different companies are looking for genuine responses about the products and services they offer. To accomplish this, they do outsource surveys to websites like ySense. As a member of ySense, you will be given the surveys and be paid as soon as you have completed them.

For you to be allowed to participate in any survey, ySense will check whether you have qualified for it. This will be depending on many variables such as your location, demographic information etc.

The amount that you can earn per completed survey varies from $0.1 to $4, although sometimes it can be more.

2. Completing Tasks

ySense has different tasks, such as categorizing images, google searches, that you are paid to complete.

The more complicated a task is, the more money you will earn. Therefore, most of the easier tasks usually have low compensation compared to complex tasks.

You will have a chance to win weekly rewards and other bonuses by completing more tasks.

3. Cash Offers

Imagine being for watching videos, downloading apps, product and services testing, signing up to websites and then being paid. It is possible when you participate in ySense cash offers.

You will always get your cash rewards as soon as you complete any offer. Before attempting any offer, look for the amount you will earn after completing it. Concentrate on high paying offers instead of wasting time with offers that pay less.

4. ySense referral program

Here you will be paid for inviting you friends or relatives to join ySense. If you have a bigger fanbase or you are a blogger looking for ways to monetize your blog/website, you could try giving ySense affiliate a try.

For each person you invite to join ySense and they become active members, you will earn a commission of $0.1 or $0.3 if your referral comes from top tier countries.

Your referrals must be active for at least 10 days, which means they must constantly login and complete surveys before you are given the commission. This is to prevent fraud, which might discourage companies in outsourcing ySense survey services.

If any of your referrals earn $5, you will also earn an extra bonus of $2.

ySense activity commissions

You will earn 20% commission of what your referrals earn when they complete any offer, task or survey.

Once you reach a minimum of 100 active referrals you will get an additional 5% commission making it 25%. Similarly, if you have 200 active referrals, you will get 10% additional commission making it 30% affiliate commission of what your referrals earn.


How to join ySense

1. Registration

Create your ySense account by clicking here.

Fill in the form with your details, then check your email inbox and click on the verification link after which you will successfully login.

In cases of fraud, ySense is strict. So, faking any information will lead to the closure of your account. Their website is IP address sensitive, so if anyone decides to do self-clicks, they will easily be noticed and banned from accessing ySense.

2. Update your profile.

Once you successfully login to your ySense account after registration, the next step will be updating your information so they can easily match you with surveys that you qualify for.

You will also be rewarded for updating your profile.

How to withdraw your earnings?

There are many methods through which you can cash out your earnings from ySense, but the most commonly used one is PayPal.

The minimum payout via PayPal is $10. You must have a verified PayPal account for your payment to be processed.

Other methods through which you can receive your payment include;

Skrill ($5.05 minimum payout).

Payoneer ($52 minimum payout).

Amazon ($5 minimum payout).

Although there are a lot of positive things about ySense, you will also find some demerits. Below are some of ySense pros and cons.

YSense Pros

a) It is available worldwide, making it a better alternative compared to other survey websites that only accept specific countries.

b) ySense has been active for a very long period since 2007 when it was known as ClixSense. Which means they have created trust with their users and are therefore reliable.

c) ySense is also has many ways you can withdraw your earnings. Moreover, the minimum payout is much lower compared to some survey’s websites.

YSense Cons

a) Some of the surveys in ySense end up as screen outs. Meaning you might start answering a survey and then end up being told you are not qualified. Although this happens in other sites, with ySense it might be more disappointing given the fact that the screen out takes more time before appearing.

b) The tasks are rarely available to most users.

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